Introducing the 10,000 SHP Monthly Prize Draw for Platform Users

Collecting the highest quality market sentiment data possible is a top priority for Sharpe, and we are always on the lookout for new ways in which we can reward our dedicated users. That’s why today, we are announcing a monthly prize draw giveaway totalling 10,000 SHP.

The lucky recipients will be determined on the 10th of each month, along with the ETH service fee payment amounts. Each user will be allocated a ‘ticket’ for the draw for each correct prediction they have made in that month. Therefore, any user with just one correct prediction in a month can win, but doubling the number of correct predictions you have will double your chances to win!

The prizes for March are as follows:

1st Prize — 5,000 SHP
2nd Prize — 3,000 SHP
3rd Prize — 1,000 SHP
4th Prize — 500 SHP
5th Prize — 500 SHP

SHP to distributed as prizes will be purchased via secondary markets 6 months ahead of time. Prize amounts will be re-evaluated every 6 months. SHP will not be distributed from team token reserves. These prizes are independent of the amount of SHP held — all active platform users are eligible.

How to Win?

To be eligible to win, you need to provide one correct prediction on the alpha platform that ends within the monthly period (10th to 10th), and hold a minimum of 500 SHP. To maximise your chances of winning, make as many correct predictions as possible before the 10th March!

Service fees and prizes will be distributed automatically on the 13th March. We will notify SHP prize winners via email.

Talk to the Team

The best place to reach out to the Sharpe team is through Telegram, at Alternatively, please feel free to email us at