We are delighted to announce the September and October Prize Draw winners. 5 lucky platform users have received between 500 and 5000 extra SHP for September or October. The below tables provide some insight into the number of correct predictions cast and reputation score held by the winners.

September Prize Draw Winners
October Prize Draw Winners

Over the last few weeks a few Sharpe community members have asked about the monthly prize draw and how we choose the winners, the below are a few important pointers that will hopefully give some clarity on what the Prize Draw entails and how we select the winners.

How does the Prize Draw work:

Concept and reasoning:

Collecting the highest quality market sentiment data is a top priority for Sharpe, and we are constantly looking for ways in which to reward dedicated Centuri users for their sentiment contribution. That’s why we launched a monthly prize draw giveaway totalling 10,000 SHP.

Prize Draw process and pointers:

  1. Prize draw giveaway total = 10,000 SHP
  2. The Prize Draw is based on correct predictions. Each Centuri user will be allocated a ‘ticket’ for the draw for each correct prediction they have made in a particular month. Therefore, any user with just one correct prediction in a month can win.
  3. By doubling the number of correct predictions you have, will double your chances to win!
  4. The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize — 5,000 SHP
2nd Prize — 3,000 SHP
3rd Prize — 1,000 SHP
4th Prize — 500 SHP
5th Prize — 500 SHP

5. How to Win? To be eligible to win, you need to provide one correct prediction on our Centuri platform. Winners are chosen randomly using a simple python script that generates the winners based on the number of correct predictions.

6. Make as many correct predictions as possible every month, to maximise your chances of winning.

7.*Important Note: You need to hold a minimum of 500 SHP for your correct predictions to count as a ticket in the draw.

What to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  1. Sharpe Capital Equity Reports: We will be releasing the Sharpe Capital Equity Reports over the next few days. These reports will be published monthly by Sharpe’s market analyst, Max Thornton, and will focus on industry sectors and specific stocks. These reports will be hosted on our website. If you are a newsletter registrant you will receive immediate access to these reports.
  2. Android App launch: We will be launching the Centuri Android App soon. You can follow our social channels for updates and release news regarding both the Android and iOS App.
  3. Centuri leaderboard release: The reputation leaderboard will be added to the Centuri platform in the next few weeks. The leaderboard will give each user the opportunity to see where their reputation score ranks amongst other Centuri users. Stay tuned for the release date.

We apologise for the delay in announcing the recent prize draw winners. We have been really busy with platform and business development. September and October seemed to have flown by! We will announce November’s winners in the next few weeks.

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