SHP — Listing on Qryptos Exchange 23 June

We’re pleased to announce that SHP will be listing on QRYPTOS on Saturday, 23rd June. After spending the past six months developing the Sharpe Centuri platform, expanding our team, and continuing to deliver value to our dedicated community of users, we are delighted to be partnering with Qryptos to provide increased exposure and liquidity to SHP.

As discussed in one of our previous posts, we always wanted to take great care when choosing where to list our tokens to ensure we delivered a high quality exchange for our community and token holders. After speaking with the team behind Qryptos, Quoine, and hearing about their plans, we were particularly impressed with a number of the aspects of their business and operation.

Qryptos are one of a handful of exchanges to meet our stringent requirements of security, regulatory compliance, and user experience. We were particularly impressed with the approach Qryptos takes in securing user funds, utilising cold-storage BTC multi-sig wallets coupled with dedicated private servers, effectively mitigating security concerns that plague many other exchanges. We are also satisfied that that the order matching engine and user analytics provided are best-in-class, providing a highly streamlined user experience during trading. The company behind Qryptos, Quione, is the first global FinTech company to be fully-licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA).

In order to ensure that the community’s liquidity needs are met, Sharpe will be deploying state-of-the-art market making solutions to ensure that sufficient liquidity depth exists for a seamless trading experience. For community members that are unfamiliar with the QRYPTOS platform, you may learn how to deposit tokens on the exchange by watching this video.

Get Sharpe Centuri

You can use the Centuri alpha at SHP tokens are required to register.

How Can I Buy SHP?

Until June 23rd, we recommend purchasing SHP using the Bancor Protocol, requiring just 5 clicks! SHP is also available through IDEX and ForkDelta.

Talk to the Team

The best place to reach out to the Sharpe team is through Telegram, at Alternatively, please feel free to email us at