SHP Token Sale Now Live: How to Participate

The SHP token sale is now live — click here to access the contribution form, or type into your browser. The minimum contribution is 0.34 ETH, with bonuses of up to 30% available. The first bonus tier is 5% for contributions above 5 ETH.

This article explains how to purchase SHP during the token sale. Scroll down for a step-by-step demonstration using MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

Key Details

Contribute by navigating to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Minimum contribution: 0.34 ETH
Maximum contribution: 1666 ETH
Gas Limit: 500,000
Gas Price: 21 GWEI

ETH has been pegged to $300 USD nominal for the first week of the sale, and will be re-pegged each Sunday to compensate for volatility against fiat currency.

We recommend using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask, and alternatively Parity or Mist for more experienced users. Do NOT attempt to use Jaxx or an ‘online’ wallet that is not ERC-20 compliant, such as from an exchange.

Contribution Sizes and Bonus Tiers

The following bonus tiers apply during the entire token sale period:

ETH/USD has been fixed to $300 for the duration of the sale. Contributions of $1.5k-$10k receive a 5% bonus, $10k-$50k receive a 10% bonus, $50k-$250k will receive a 20% bonus, and $250k-$500k will receive a 30% bonus.

How to Contribute

Navigate to the Sharpe Capital website by typing ‘’ into your website. Do not follow links from third party websites or from direct messages.

Click the red button ‘JOIN THE CROWDSALE’ to purchase SHP. You will be taken to the following page, and asked to enter your name, contact address and Ethereum address.

You must read and agree to the SHP terms of sale, and declare that you are eligible under those terms to participate by ticking the appropriate boxes.

Please ensure your accurately enter your address. The address will be checked automatically to ensure it exists. Addresses in countries in which SHP is currently not available for purchase will not be accepted.

After successfully entering your address details, you will receive a confirmation email and be asked to enter the verification code you receive:

After entering your verification code, click ‘VERIFY EMAIL ADDRESS’. If you have not received the verification code after a couple of minutes, check your spam folder. After verifying your email address you will be presented with the following screen:

The SHP contribution address has been hidden above with a grey box. You will be able to see the address. Press COPY to copy the address and paste it into the software you wish to contribute from.

Send your desired ETH contribution to the address provided, with a Gas Limit of 500,000 units and Gas Price of 21 GWEI. The following sections describe how to do this using MetaMask and MyEtherWallet, however you may use any ERC-20 compliant wallet, including Mist, Parity, Ledger Wallet, etc. You can NOT use smart contract addresses (including multi-sigs), online/managed wallet addresses (i.e. exchanges), or Jaxx — these are not ERC-20 compliant.

Following 6 confirmations you will receive your SHP tokens; your tokens will become transferable and usable on our Beta platform to begin earning ETH immediately upon conclusion of the crowd-sale on 11th December 2017!

Getting Support during the Token Sale

You can contact us for support by contacting, or by joining our Telegram group — this is staffed 24/7 by the AmaZix team and Sharpe Capital employees. We will gladly provide any assistance you require.

Sending ETH using MetaMask

Participating in the token sale using MetaMask is very straight-forward. Open MetaMask and select the address from which you wish to send ETH and receive SHP.

Once you have received contribution address from the Sharpe Capital website that you are shown after entering your personal information and confirming your email address, open MetaMask, select the address you wish to contribute from, copy and paste the address from the Sharpe Capital website, and enter the ETH amount you wish to use to purchase SHP.

Step One

After clicking NEXT, you are presented with the following:

Step Two

You need to ensure the Gas Limit/Price (for determining transaction fees) are set correctly. These have been highlighted in yellow above.

For ‘Gas Limit’, enter 500,000. For ‘Gas Price’, enter 21. Confirm the total amount and press SUBMIT. You will receive your SHP tokens after 6 confirmations of the transaction. Your SHP will become transferrable on 11th December 2017, when the token sale ends.

Sending ETH using MyEtherWallet (MEW)

To conribute using MEW (, access your wallet using one of the options provided (e.g. JSON file, hardware wallet), and click ‘Send Ether & Tokens”.

In the ‘To Address’, enter the contribution address from the Sharpe Capital website that you are shown after entering your personal information and confirming your email address. Below this, enter the ETH amount you wish to purchase SHP with. Enter ‘500,000’ for the Gas Limit. By default, Gas Price is set to 21 GWEI. You can confirm/change Gas Price in the top-right corner of MEW.

Step One

Click ‘Generate Transaction’, and you will be presented with the following.

Step Two

Next click ‘Send Transaction’ to get to the final confirmation page:

Step Three

To confirm your SHP purchase, simply click “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.’ Upon successful submission of the transaction, you can check its progress on Etherscan by clicking ‘Check TX Status’.

Contacting the Team

The best way to contact the founders, developers and support staff is through Telegram. We have a vibrant and growing community of supporters, and will actively engage via Telegram throughout the token sale.

Web: Sharpe.Capital
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