Sharpe SHP Pre-sale now LIVE: Monthly ETH payments for your Market Sentiment

8th November 2017, London — The Sharpe Capital SHP Pre-sale is now live, running for just 4 days until 13th November at 2pm GMT, with a hard cap of 26,667 ETH.

We are one of the few blockchain-driven organisations backed by a working product that will be available from day one, the moment the crowd-sale ends. SHP owners earn monthly ETH payments in exchange for insight on blockchain assets and the stock market!

You can participate in the SHP pre-sale here, with up to a 30% bonus.

The minimum contribution during the pre-sale is 33.4 ETH, and 0.34 ETH during the main sale beginning 13th November at 2pm GMT. For step-by-step instructions on how to register and contribute using MetaMask or MyEtherWallet, please click here.

We recently announced that we will now pay ETH monthly to token holders that use the Sharpe Platform, and the first payment will be on 11th January 2017. You can see a sneak preview of the beta here, launching 11th December. Also check out our prototype mobile application for the Sharpe Platform, launching early 2018.

Listen to the latest Bad Crypto podcast, featuring an interview with co-founders Lewis and James.

About Sharpe Capital

London-based Sharpe Capital was founded by technology leader Lewis Barber and a mathematical modelling expert Dr. James A. Butler, a mathematical modelling expert from the University of Oxford. Sharpe Capital’s advisory board features a cohort of seasoned specialists in blockchain, mathematics, computer science, quantitative modelling and law. Sharpe Capital is using neural networks at the core of its machine learning modelling algorithms to look for patterns in financial data that are predictive of future asset price.

Through crowdsourcing market sentiment from users with proven a reputation and stake, Sharpe Capital is able to bridge the gap between automated mathematical analysis and the uniquely human perceptions of the market, well known to drive irrational asset price movement. This powerful combination of technologies poises Sharpe Capital to disrupt the capital markets sector with a product unlike any seen before. For more information or to buy SHP, please see here.

Contact Us & Find Out More

You can reach out to the whole team on our Telegram, or email Read the Sharpe Capital white paper here.

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