Exciting Times for Gaming, Data Analytics and Collaboration

Three Shasta portfolio companies recently announced new rounds of funding that will help shape and drive the gaming, data analytics and collaboration landscapes. We’re excited by the promise of continued growth and innovation from each these companies.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

Image Credit: Plays.tv

Gameplay Highlights: Plays.tv’s millions of players can look forward to new features. Plays.tv, the leading platform for gamers to record, replay, and relive their games will use its $15 million Series A round of financing to continue to grow the platform and provide new, innovative features for its user base, including unique ways to create and share their content. As Shasta’s Managing Director Jason Pressman said, “We are excited to come on board to support Plays.tv, under the leadership of Dennis Fong. As the original pro-gamer and a successful entrepreneur, Dennis possesses the perfect combination to take the already popular Plays.tv and grow it into a successful business.” Read the full story.

Image Credit: SlamData

No ETL Required: SlamData empowers organizations to extract value from modern, semi-structured data. SlamData recently announced its $6.7 million round of funding, led by Shasta’s Nitin Chopra. The leading enterprise analytics company for modern, unstructured data provides a single application to natively explore and visualize unstructured data sources. “SlamData is an enterprise game-changer — the first company that lets you write once to any kind of data source,” said Chopra. The company will use the funding to expand its teams and grow its footprint. Read the full story.

Image Credit: data.world

Democratizing the Semantic Web: data.world offers access to the same technology that Facebook, Google, and Palantir use. Founded in 2016, data.world has taken the collaboration world by storm. With its latest $18.7 million round of funding, data.world plans to continue its mission of creating a meaningful social media network for data scientists — helping its users make sense of their data. As CEO and co-founder Brett Hurt stated, “Right now, up to 80 percent of data work is spent in cleaning, formatting, and otherwise preparing the data, which leaves only 20 percent for analysis. No one likes to spend so much time on data janitorial work to get to the sexy part.” Read the full story.

We’re honored to support enterprise and consumer teams building extraordinary next-generation products and platforms and look forward to sharing more of their news, insights and viewpoints.

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