No Restrictions: Sharing the Secrets of Entrepreneurship on SiriusXM

Rob Coneybeer, Managing Director and founder of Shasta Ventures, is a regular co-host on Launch Pad, a live broadcast on SiriusXM satellite radio.

The show, airing Wednesdays at 4 pm PT (7 pm ET), is produced by Wharton Business Radio and provides insights and first-hand accounts from founders, venture capitalists, and serial entrepreneurs. Rob switches off hosting Launch Pad each week with Karl Ulrich, Wharton’s Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

What is Launch Pad all about? It’s a radio show focused on how to start up a company, with topics that range from coming up with the idea and raising capital to selling a company or taking it to an IPO.

Each week Rob and Karl explore these topics with guests from every facet of the start-up ecosystem — many from Silicon Valley but also a solid representation from around the globe.

Listeners are encouraged to call in. If you’ve got a question about starting up a new business or are looking for advice or feedback, give a call during the show. Unlike your typical podcast, you’re listening live and can call in anytime — a live voice AMA (ask me anything)! The number is 844-WHARTON or 844–942–7866. Or follow on Twitter @BizRadio111.

After working as an aerospace engineer and earning an MBA degree at Wharton, Rob founded Shasta Ventures, an early-stage venture firm, in 2004. Rob is passionate about anything with an engine, including robots, satellites, and new modes of transportation. He is particularly interested in connected hardware and The Internet of Things.

Some of Rob’s notable investments include smart-thermostat company Nest; the world’s first WiFi system for the home, Eero; and Fetch Robotics, which builds robots for warehouse automation. Rob spends weekends racing cars and believes that success as a VC requires similar skills. He once hosted a TechCrunch web series in which he interviewed entrepreneurs while driving them around a racetrack.

“I really like going fast,” he said. “Racing requires you to think about several things at once and make good decisions quickly.”

Rob’s favorite road sign can be found on the Autobahn in Germany. It represents no restrictions. Open road ahead. Rob brings this same perspective to his work with entrepreneurs, and encourages founders to reject traditional thinking as they build world-changing businesses.

This week’s episode of Launch Pad, airing tomorrow Wednesday, April 19 at 4 pm PT (7 pm ET) on Sirius XM Radio (BizRadio 111) features a great line up.

Rob will be speaking with Raj Kapoor, Chief Strategy Officer at Lyft; Anne Dwane, an entrepreneur, mentor, operator and investor currently serving as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School; and Anna Pelova, author of Founders and the Underdog: Traveling the World to Meet with Some of its Most Brilliant Minds. You won’t want to miss it.

Past Launch Pad episodes can be found on Rob’s SoundCloud channel and the Wharton Business Radio page. Highlights include:

We’ll continue to share updates about Launch Pad on Medium as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also follow Rob on his blog or on Twitter @robconeybeer.