Rocket Launches, ComputerVision, Keurig-for-Froyo & Option Refresh Grants: Summer News & Viewpoints from Shasta Ventures

ICYMI — Here are some of our biggest portfolio headlines and Shasta team viewpoints you may have missed this summer:

Image Credit: Forbes

Why Option Refresh Grants Are Essential For Startup Recruiting And Retention. Option refresh grant programs can be a valuable tool for attracting and retaining the best startup talent — for founders and employees alike. Shasta’s Jason Pressman shares his experience, insights and advice on Forbes.

Vector Space Systems Successfully Completes First Mission of Low Cost Rockets Led by CEO Jim Cantrell, former SpaceX exec, Vector Space Systems is building low-cost rockets — at 1/20th the cost of SpaceX — to meet the demand from the microsatellite sector, a market expected to be a $7.5 billion industry within half a decade. The company completed its first mission with commercial payloads this August. We’re excited to be along for this ride!

The Great Camera Awakening — the incredible opportunities emerging in Computer Vision, at the intersection of the Camera + AI. Cameras have been around for more than 200 years, but now they’re the key enabler of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Shasta’s Jacob Mullins discusses how entrepreneurs and developers can take advantage of the incredible opportunities at the intersection of the camera and artificial intelligence. Welcome to the #CameraFirst future.

Image Credit: Bloomberg

Meet Wim, a Gadget That’ll Make Fast Frozen Yogurt on Your Kitchen Counter. Ready for Keurig-for-Froyo? Us too. That’s why we’re excited to be part of the launch of Wim, a new kitchen appliance that makes a single serving of frozen yogurt in under 10 minutes. Select a flavor, add milk, press a button, and enjoy. No cleanup required.

Announcing Real Estate on Nextdoor. Shasta portfolio company Nextdoor changed how neighbors communicate with one another. Available in more than 160,000 neighborhoods across the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, Nextdoor connects real-life neighbors, making it easy to share town news and updates. Now Nextdoor’s newest feature lets neighbors discover local listings and connect with real estate professionals to get market insights.

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