A New Experince

My experience here at Shaw has been an eye opener. It has showed me many things. Before I came here at Shaw I didn’t know anything about anything. I had made a lot of mistakes in high school. I decided to make up for it by going to college. I believed that if I went to college I would be able to better my life’s current situation and my future. Being here at Shaw has changed my life entirely. During my time here at Shaw University I have discovered new people that have differences that taught me to adapt to college life, and I have also learned about a lot of African American history that has taught me the history of Shaw.

I never saw myself going to college. What I had planned to do after high school was enlist in the US. Army. I tried my best to get in. I waited six months for them to tell me that I was good to go, but the Army is currently having defense cuts. It was June and graduation had passed and my dad said I had to be out of the house by August. So I decided to go to college.

Shaw University had already accepted me and that’s when I had decided to attend Shaw. Sure the tuition was high but it was well worth it. Soon as I got here I seen things that I had never seen before. All the Different types of people that attend Shaw come from all over the U.S. They All come here for one reason, and that’s to get their education.

Since I ‘ve been here at Shaw I have met a great number of people. I have met students from New York, California, and Florida. Seeing how they are able to cope with college life has taught me how to adapt, and be responsible. I also learned about my different classes and which ones to keep and which professors to choose. Helping one another is apart of this schools history; that is also something that I have learned from my peers and upper class men.

Also I have learned the history of this school. From Africa to the U.S African Americans have been struggling to create a better future for themselves. That is where Henry Martin Tupper comes in. He founded Shaw to help educate African Americans. Shaw was the first HBCU in North Carolina. Since it had been founded, many that have attended Shaw have made their mark in history. They have become a part of one of the best universities in North Carolina. They have became a part of history.

Shaw will continue to produce success. Shaw represents the past, present, and future of African Americans. Each of us are all striving to help one another succeed. We are all trying to better our lives and the future of this nation. Shaw has made that possible for all of us with the power of its education.

Before I came to Shaw I knew very little about the outside world. This has really been a life changing experience for me. It has allowed me to learn a lot about myself, my peers, and the University.

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