Cyerra’s Shaw University Experience

I have only been at Shaw University for a few months and I have learned a lot about myself and Shaw as a whole. I learned about the people who started Shaw, and how each building got its name. I witness my 1st homecoming at a Historic Black College it was something to remember.

When I came here I only had four best friends. We attended the same high school. We are from a small town where everybody knows everybody and we all knew each other but coming to a big city we needed each other more than we thought. As I gotten used to being here, I made a lot of new friends. We get together and have deep conversation about our problems and concerns. We are able to express our feelings to each other and sometimes we coming crying and sometimes laughing. We have talks about what happen in our day and studying time.

Can you picture some students from back in the day that had to do a lot and go through a lot just for us to be here, so we have to make everything work even when it gets hard, they did it so can we. They had to do many things to stay in school and now we are doing everything in our power not to finish that’s not what they want to see.

My first year at Shaw, I wanted to do something so I joined the gospel choir. This is my first time singing in front of a lot of people. Our homecoming concert was amazing. I had so much fun and my family came to make it even better. My friends and I do everything together. We even sing in the Choir together and I think this was the best choice we made so far here at Shaw University.

Who is a Shaw student you ask. I am a Shaw student. I am hard-working, nice, understanding, helpful, and overall I am a great student. Shaw University all started because of this one man Henry Martin Tupper. As a White man named Henry Martin Tupper sneaked black people in to get their education, it is now that I am here getting my education. I’m a country girl from Timberlake, North Carolina. I saw people trying to work and make a living to provide for their family. I watched my mom and dad worn out and the tried looks on their faces as they return home from work. They helped at our church in the evening and still make it home to prepare dinner and help with homework. My parents put us to bed and made sure that we was safe and warm. I’m trying to make a differences in their life and make a better one for my baby brother. Now that this country girl came to a big city doing something for myself. All because of a man named Henry Martin Tupper.

I went to our first football game. They announced to students “if you plan to ride the bus to the game it’s loading up now” being a freshman that all you saw outside. We all plied on those buses and headed to the game. Student’s admission was free with student ID card. I had only been to high school games so college was so much different.

Shaw has taught me a lot in the little time I have been here. I know that I will meet more students and experience a lot more 1over the next 3 years. Shaw University is more than a private school we are family. We are going to be known for more than poeple think.

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