First Year At Shaw University

Joshon Perry


As a Shaw University student I have learned a lot of significant things about myself . Shaw University has taught me a lot of things I am glad I got to experience this school and learn from it.For example I have learned how to focus on time management, teamwork, socialize with new people, bond with people I will be close with for a lifetime.

Since I have been at Shaw I have learned a lot about teamwork and being committed to a team. Football is a sport where you struggle with your brothers , go through hell with your brothers, and bleed with your brothers. Football with Shaw also taught me how to deal with a losing record and what people that attend the institution will criticize you every day until you win and then they are back on your side again. When you lose at Shaw its like “ dang y'all lost?” but when we win students say “ We won”. Its crazy how people can change on you so fast. I usually get mad when people talk about something I take pride in but I have learned to hold my composure in.

I have learned how to socialize with people from states other than North Carolina because a lot of us North Carolina people act a lot but I have met some good people from places like California, South Carolina, Washington D.C. , and Georgia. When I first got to Shaw I was shy and nervous because of being a freshman I did not know what to expect and how people were going to act but now I have caught the hang of Shaw University and the students and I am no longer shy. I was able to come out of my shell because I started getting comfortable with everyone around me.

Time management was one of my biggest fears coming to college as a Student-Athlete because Iknew dealing with football 9 hours out the day was going to take a toll on my body. Time management for me has not been bad. I am passing all my classes with good grades I am just worried about one class that I have to pick my grade up in, because I have been doing a bad job with my time management and putting the work in for that class.

Shaw has also gave me a chance to travel places I have never been. For the first time I went to the Alabama. It was nothing special but Alabama had some very cheap gas prices. I have also went to Georgia . Shaw has played a significant role in my life this school has took me to heights I thought I would never see in one year so I can only imagine what the next 4 years have in store for me.

Shaw has also taught me a lot of things about decision making, and how to think on things long and hard before making a decision. Since coming to Shaw I have been second guessing my decision. I just don’t like the lifestyle of a Shaw student. Everything just feels to me like it has bacteria. The food is horrible and I usually do not go to the cafe. I feel bad for the students who are paying for Shaw out of pocket, This food is not worth $24,000 a year neither are the the dorms

Shaw has been a roller coaster for me and in all it has taught me a lot about myself and I hope I carry these things with me when I graduate. I have to learn to make better decisions and think smarter but I love the opportunity Shaw has gave me. The cliche you learn from your mistakes well I feel like this is one of mistakes in life I have definitely learned from.

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