Marquise’ Rollins

How could you not love ?

Many people looking from the outside believe its miserable being a Shaw student, because we may not have all of the “extra” things around. We don’t have all the restaurants, clubs, and hangout spots nearby. When in reality being a Shaw student will set you up for future success in your career. There are many great places that hold valuable memories to visit while here on campus. Our university also has a long competitive history, community unity, is a rock that became a mountain, has military values. With all these opportunities, how could you not love this university?

Our university has an outstanding environment. Our school may not have all the glamorous views like the other universities that surround us, such as NC State, Duke University, or even UNC. But our school has a lot of character that other schools doesn’t have. Our school population is low but this benefits us because our teachers know our names and can help you one on one. A place where there is equal opportunity. A place where for years and years to come you can call home.

A glass case with shiny gold trophies, medallions, and certificates shows that our school has a long competitive history. Competitive history that is worth upholding. Shaw’s alumnus has paved a good history that we have to keep up. Shaw was known for its competitiveness in sports. They once dominated the CIAA in five different sports.. Shaw also took pride in their competitive history, how could you not love this university.

Local McDonald’s

Shaw helps the community unity; people acknowledge and show that since we support them, that they support us. When it homecoming week the campus is full of alumni, everyone dressed up with their burgundy shirts with their graduation year insight. Shaw has participated in community activities that feed the needy for free. Everyone comes out and give a helping hand with serving food. The community remembers events such as that and gives Shaw support because of that.

One of our campus enterance with Duke theater in the background

Shaw started off as a little vision and now is more than the founders could ever dream about. The school is now in partnership with other major schools such as Duke University. When this school was first discovered, the first students sold bricks to raise money. This school was one of the first to allow education on a college level to African Americans in the south. We now have many programs that allow other student to come over and take a class that we provide, from other schools. Knowing the history behind this university, how could you not love this university?

Flags that are visible even at night

Walking around at night you will see many different colorful flags. The campus still acknowledged the veterans, people that have put their life on the line, for us to be Shaw students. Veterans have attend Shaw and left their legacy not only on the battlefield but also on Shaw’s campus. Many universities have these same flags on their campus, but our school put these flags in a very unique place to where everyone can acknowledge them even in the misty of the night. Reserves see every day that Shaw supports what they do.

Our school is very different from other universities in a positive way as you now know. Shaw has many tools to offer. Attending this university has taught me to be grateful for what you have, and take advantage of opportunities that presents itself. With all these opportunities that this university offers, now you can understand why no one can answer, how they cannot love this university?

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