My 1st year at Shaw

My 1st year at Shaw University was not like any other students. Coming in as a freshman on the football team my life really changed. The switch from high school to college was extreme the student life as well as the football life. I had to arrive at Shaw before the students arrive; I took full advantage of the opportunity to see the whole campus. As a student in college you have to learn how to manage your time; with addition of football to my schedule I had to learn how to adapt to the student athlete schedule.

Therefore being a football player at Shaw University taught me a lot of things from hard work, determination, focus, time management, and to never quit. Out of all of those things I learned I can apply them all to the classroom and to life. Being on the football team helped me socially It was easier for me to network with other students. I also benefited from football a healthier lifestyle.

The Willie E. Gary student center. As a student, that really stuck out to me to know that a whole building was named after a man who has accomplished many goals that people dream about. I see it more than just a student center; every time I walk by it I see as motivation to become successful in life. Mr.Gary was a student athlete football player just like me, so I know that he was sitting in the same seat that I am. Everyone always preaches about life after football, but Mr.Gary is a walking example. Now one of my goals in life is to get a building named after me.

Shaw University offers plenty of academic help to its students. The Shaw University writing center provides help for students. They offer tutoring in all subjects English, math, science, etc. For each subject there is an appointed instructor for your help. They also provide peer tutoring to help students relate to their instructor more. The writing center has helped out a lot with writing my English papers and other assignments. It also has computers for students use during open hours.

The Shaw University bear really stood out to me as an athlete, I pass the bear everyday on my way to the gym. What really stood out to me was the class that donated the bear. The national alumni association, Inc. October 2013. This bear is young, the competitiveness in me I want to donate something better, but I know I can’t do it myself. The bear was donated by a whole class which means a lump some amount of people took their time and planned it out; there is nothing better than getting a group of people working together on a great idea. A simple bear can bring a whole class together.

I look at Shaw University’s gymnasium as inspiration. The gym is another historical landmark on Shaw University’s campus. It’s the place where the fighting bears men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and volleyball team defend the bears. Inside the gym also is the athletic training room. As a football player I spend a lot of time inside of the training room for various reasons. I see the building as inspiration because the gym represents winning and without the training room our athletes could not perform at 100%.

Shaw University has really opened my eyes wider to the world; not just the campus but Raleigh itself. Raleigh has a lot of history. Being a student athlete at Shaw University holds a lot of weight I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else; other than home.