My Experience

As a Shaw student I am a social work major. I’m a student that always tries the do the right thing. What makes a Shaw University student is one who works and studies hard and always does their best. Being the smaller school doesn't have any effect on the pride that Shaw University have as a whole. Neither does it affect our ability to learn, we are still given the same general education as any other university would. The fact that we are smaller than most universities is actually very beneficial. Some benefits of us being smaller are the class sizes and it’s easier to meet people. Our classes are much smaller than larger schools. This makes it easy for us to get one on one help and more feedback from our professors. When classes are larger the professors don’t always have the time to look at your work and evaluate so they can give us the feedback that’s needed to help do better. You also get to know everyone better at a smaller school. Some non-benefits of being at a smaller school are the lack the big-name credentials of major colleges and universities. We aren't usually recognized like most of the larger colleges. Other non-beneficial things are that there may be fewer sports and extracurricular opportunities. The number of major programs and classes are sometimes limited.

Basketball didn't always have my attention. I never cared for this sport in high school as much as I do now that I’m in college. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was playing high school basketball. Playing basketball didn't come easy to me, it was very time consuming and required a lot of dedication. The type of person I was did everything else besides watch games or clips every night and definitely didn't want to find myself at the gym all the time. I was just a freshman that caused trouble any chance I got, not intentionally it was just me. I could never seem to stay away from trouble. I received too many write-ups and because of that I wasn't able to attend a regular high school like any other high school student could. This automatically knocked basketball out of the picture. Surprisingly, I gained interest in basketball my sophomore year and was asked to join the team by the coach. This was the start of a new beginning for me. I finally had something to look forward to and be proud of. I made a major improvement behavior wise and started to do my work because I realized if I didn't I was only hurting myself because I was missing out on many different opportunities I could possibly be facing in life.

This was one of the best feelings ever, I was actually playing for my high school basketball team. All of this was new to me, it wasn't just any game of basketball with friends in the backyard. The fact that I had never played in front of a big crowd made me nervous. Another thing that was hard for me was me being a sophomore, meaning I was supposed to play for junior varsity but because of the potential they saw in me I was moved to the varsity team with the upperclassmen. Yes, this was something to be proud of but also a lot of pressure. Overcoming the nervous feeling I received and accepting that fact that I was the youngest was a major learning process. Basketball season finally approached and I showed why I was on the team as a sophomore every chance I could. So here it was, my time finally arrived. My first game I got in and caught a put back dunk from then on I knew I could do it.

Things changed tremendously by my junior year. It was different, everybody was buzzing about me. If they didn't know about me, somehow they heard. The season started and everything was going well until one game everything flopped. Sadly, I was doing terrible the first half and wasn't allowed to play the whole second half. Riding the bench was a very disturbing thing that burned me up on the inside. I was so furious that after the game I cursed my coach out and quit. The next question was, what was there to do next? Knowing that because I screwed up badly because of careless mistakes left me searching for answers regarding my future.

Then came along my senior year. I thought things over and thought of ways to get back on the team. I was the cause of the problem so I put my pride to the side and had a talk with the coach. My reason behind this was my mom. She was my only motivation and I had to do what was right so I could make her happy again. I apologized to my coach and he allowed me to play again. He told me that he seen leadership in me so he counted on me to do big things my senior year and lead the team towards the right direction. With the trouble days behind I lived and breathed basketball. Proud to announce that I was the captain. You can say I lived up to the hype, throwing down more than 25 dunks in a 21 game span, breaking block shot records, and rebound records. My dream came true to finish what I started and it isn't over. I’m hoping to get back on the hardwood again.

After all I don’t miss high school. I would say college is much better. Accept for having to write so many essays. I've gotten to meet new people and experience new things. I have to say I made a good decision when I chose to attend college. I will continue to do my best and male my family proud. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to play for or school basketball team.

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