My Experience As A Shaw Student.

Before coming to Shaw I heard so many negative things about the University. Many referred to Shaw as they gay school, they also said that we were paying to much money for the education that they were giving us. As I got into the semester I saw a lot of positive things about this school. The education is not as bad as everyone made it seem. Pretty much it is what you make out of it. I have meet a lot of great people so far from different places with different backgrounds and different cultures.

What this picture means to me it is basically the chill spot, everyone is always on the yard. Reason why everyone stay on the yard is because we do not have coed so that is the only time people really get to chill with their friends is on the yard. Also different function be held on the yard for us to attend. Like we had about four cookouts and during homecoming we had battle of the dj’s on the yard. The yard is just a place where you can go and relax and also laugh and talk with your friends.

People say you come to college to meet new people and to make long life friends. Well so far I can say that I have made a couple of decent friends since I have been here, but it is only one girl that I am and will always be close with and that is my roommate. Queenie and I became good friends when we were first met all because we act just a like in so many different ways. We have a friendship that is like if I have it you have it.

Roomie & I

Dimple M Newsome is the living hall I stay in. I stay on the 7th floor on the south side. Since I have been staying in Dimple Newsome I have met some really great people and also changed the way I am used to living. It is three of us in one room with different attitudes and different point of views but we make it work. The bathrooms are not all that nice but they are usable. The showers are the WORST but we make it work. overall staying in Dimple is not all that bad it is what you make out of it.

The Writing Center!!!! It is a place where students go whenever they need help on their math or even their English. Whenever I needed help on my criminal justices paper I went to the writing center and they helped me with my paper. Also I needed help pulling my grade up in math and they also helped me with that. The writing center overall is just a good place to go whenever you need help with any subject you taking. What I can say is take advantage of the writing center because it is free and they are willing to help whenever you need it.

The smoking pit. This picture really does not mean a lot to me but it is a part of Shaw. Reasons why I took a picture is because many students and many of my friends love going to smoking spot. Everyone goes there because it is a place where you can just laugh have fun play music and I guess smoke. I miss a lot of things from home and going to the smoke pit kind of reminds me of home. The only reason why I say that is because every time I go down there people are always playing music and just having a good time and that’s something I really miss about being home.

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