My First Year Experience At Thee Shaw University

What is significant about my first year at Shaw University is leadership, friendship, love ,pride, and family. Why I say it is significant it came the things that I had that where I came from. Those things That when leaving home form your family and friends you look for in a college . When coming to college you look for those things because you need feel at home and comfortable . When your at the college that you want to be at like I’m at Shaw it motivates you to be to work at your best abilities.

When I first came to Shaw University ( ‘‘You Know’’) I was nervous and scared despite being 21 years old ironic . Even though I was nervous I was still excited to been enrolled at the school I wanted to go to thee Shaw university. It was dream come true to be able go to the school I wanted . On orientation I was so nervous it was crazy all that when the had a barbecue on the court yard . Seeing all the students and all the food made forget about the nervousness that I had that day. On that day I met one of my closes friends Tim I met him when I was eating ribs and a hot dog he was pretty cool though but only thing is he a serious pot head .

The other thing that amazed me was our leader of our school the Interim president of Shaw University Dr Gaddus Falcon. The reason I say this because been to different colleges I've never seen a leader so involved with his fellow student body. I've seen him say hello and ask about students about how there doing in school and telling them to stay focus.The reason I say this usually school presidents stay in there desk or just you see them at the orientation after that the next time you see them when them is when you graduate from that school. I’m amazed to have such great leader for my school.

The greatest thing that amazed me is the insignia of Shaw the Black Bear I couldn't thing of better representation of Shaw than that. It not just some fancy logo on our sport jerseys . It represents our school personality strength pride and the will to go on even if everything fails to protect and stand up for yourself . This shows me that my fellow class has my back and that I got to stand up for himself and to keep fighting.

My first year at Shaw may be rough one I mean a rough one but thanks to my friends and experience it’s made be able to pull threw and not give up that I got to keep fighting . That showed me nothing in life is easier but be grateful for what you got and what you do have.

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