My Shaw U

Aaron Watson

A Shaw student is a critical thinker; I am an ambitious self-motivated individual. I am punctual an almost never late. I put my best foot forward. I can coat switch from party to academic atmosphere. My time at Shaw I immediately had to embody a studious behavior. I needed to develop the appropriate study habits that would allow me to succeed. Being a Shaw student has allowed me to become very attentive to the environment I am in. So far being at Shaw I have learned the sciences, history, and the appropriate literature in the world around.

Generally Shaw students embody culture, being that our school has such rich history. It is only right that we embrace and try to learn as much as we can. A Shaw student holds a legacy. Upon becoming a Shaw student we must break the threshold and eliminate all negative statistics. In doing so be become the success stories we always wanted be. We become future alumni to a great intuition that put its students first. A Shaw student is aware of African American culture. Attending one of the first historically black colleges in the south has created a gateway to rich African American history. Shaw itself was institution of higher learner that was opened by a Caucasian male to help educate African Americans. This alone history: history that paved a way me and my peers to be here. The history that lies between the halls of this campus only motivates me to create my own history.

Shaw has even taught me about how the world works each one of my classes although different courses, they sometime overlap on certain content. Like in regard to how humans themselves came about. Everyone knows of the idea of evolution, over time we evolved from primates. Many of my professors discussed this topic which only led me to question was truly possible for a species like humans to have originally been primates. Along with evolution I learned the science of societies. The various behaviors of people in certain environments and relationships within society. Science has helped me see how the world truly works. I gained an understanding on the political, economic, biological and even psychological parts of how the world operates. This comes from understanding the social science.

The literature I have been taught at Shaw all relates to history. Story, letters, biography all from African American people that once lived in an oppressed society. They used literature as an escape created poems that told their story. The literature itself speaks to me it takes me to a place that allows me to see and hear everything they felt. It makes me want create my very own story so others after me can experience what I have without ever wearing my shoes. Literature makes me want to express myself by showing and barely telling.

As a Shaw student things you learn easily influences you to want more. In order to want more you have to do more. You have to read and pay attention because the learning doesn’t stop once you leave the class or when you put your book bag down. It starts once you open your eyes ready to take on the days challenges. I have allowed myself to learn and grow as a Shaw student and so far being at Shaw I have learned the sciences, history, and the appropriate literature in the world around.

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