The Great Experience

By: Craig Francis Jr

Something very significant that I learned from being at Shaw University is how to be strong-minded. I say that it’s something significant because I personally feel that to be someone attending this school you have to be strong. You also have to take what’s thrown at you and adjust to the circumstances. What I've learned about myself and being here is that I myself have to be more patient at things and take what’s thrown at me if it’s for the good or worse. I’m learning that if I continue to be patient and take what’s thrown at me that in the long run accomplishing my goals will feel much better. I will know that I've worked for what will attain.

A Shaw student is a student who is strong-minded. Someone who deals with what’s thrown at them and swings as hard as they can is strong at will. A Shaw student is someone who goes to the oldest HBCU in the south known as the mother of the south. A Shaw student does what they have to do now so that they can do what they want to do in the future and become an impactful person. A certain building to me that has been a big significance to Shaw is the Tupper building. The Tupper building is Shaw university old men dorms. Now many years later this building is being used for class rooms where Shaw students are being taught. This goes to show how far Shaw has come and why it’s the mother of all black schools in the south. Being a Shaw student has changed the way I think in many different ways. Knowing that this is the oldest HBCU in the south and being able to attend it a great accomplishment for me and my family.

Here at Shaw University I have witnessed a lot of teachable moments in many of my classes as the teacher explains her point to the class. A teachable moment is me capturing the teacher having an intense lesson with the class that has inspired me. Teachable moments to me are always when something is being captured that shows something or someone being taught. When you see a moment that the teacher is teaching and it’s the right time and place then I would call it a teachable moment. To me the right teachable moment is when everyone is locked in. You have to have patients to pay attention to the teacher lecture the class and also have the strength to say focus the whole time.

I had the chance to take a beautiful photo of the cafe on a sunny day. Being a Shaw student has its challenges but the challenges are not made to break you or bring you down. The challenges are made to make you a better and stronger person then you were the day or years before. It’s all about how you attack each situation thrown at you and use it to your advantage. That will truly help me in my years to come. A challenge such as being a responsible adult now that I don’t stay or live with my mom has made me grow into a more responsible person. I stay and live on campus now and in doing that I will inherit things and habits that I will be doing for the rest of my life. To overcome not staying and living with my family has made me a stronger person from within.

The men’s dorm known as Flemming key where if you get accepted into Shaw University and choose to be living to on campus, you will be staying. Being a Shaw student and my first time living in dorms with other men has really changed me into becoming more responsible. Even though we deal with different things at certain times you know at the end of the day you be come out a stronger person. Living with 20 other men on a hall has its challenges because they all do different things as in how they clean and how they take care of themselves, learning to adapt to a certain things in that nature helps me grow stronger minded and grow as an individual.

The school Chapel, where every Tuesday the freshmen have to be because of the program called cases. This school has a heavy religious background and you will get a dose of it in the chapel as a good thing. Knowing that Shaw has a chapel is comforting because you know that you will not be missing out of your worship every Sunday morning. Giving the effort to continue to go and show dedication to the chapel shows that you are able to do things over and over again to achieve something. I've learned that great people to the same thing over and over again without getting bored and that’s what makes them great.

The significance of being here at Shaw is becoming a strong person. Being strong is handling, dealing and adapting to all the different things that are new to you when you first start college. Many things can help you become a stronger and better person. By paying attention in class through long hours shows that you are willing to put in the work. By taking all the challenges that Shaw throws at you head on shows that nothing will stop you on your journey through school. Adapting to all the new faces, personalities, and the way people carry themselves shows growth within you. By giving the effort to do things over and over again without getting bored shows that you are willing to do anything to become a great person. People go through many challenges in their life time during the period in which their attending school. It’s not about the situation; it’s about what you take away from the situation that will help you in the long run.

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