Shaw 150 Essay

Willie E. Gary (Left)

It takes determination to be a Shaw student. You have to get up prepared and striving to make the best out of the opportunity to further your education. There are alumni that are living examples of being determined and turned out to be successful, for example Willie E Gary(shown above) who is an successful attorney. This gentleman shows how going to class, doing your work, and chasing your dreams can pay off starting at shaw university. I one day want to be in his shoes, financially stable and successful.

As a teenager at Shaw I love to kickback and just relax sometimes. Shaw created an environment for just that and more! The bears den is a place where you can come and chill, play games, watch t.v, or just simply socialize. It was imperative that there was a area on campus where you could go and get out your dorm and have a good time. The bears den offers that opportunity.

Shaw football is what lead me here in the first place. Recruited out of high school to play at Shaw was a amazing feeling. Especially after being the only football player in my whole school to get an athletic scholarship. Unfortunately the season did not go in our favor this year, and I didn’t get the opportunity to play one snap. However shaw football is what keeps the school alive. From the band to the cheerleaders and alumni, shaw football will be the face of our school.

The garden of champions signify greatness to me. The statue of the shaw bear and the garden surrounding ot was donated by the 2013 alumni association. That small area is one of the most beautiful spots on campus. It gives you a sense of a championship ring or trophy waiting to be placed in shaws trophy case. A sense of determination and drive. A sense of hunger to make something great happen at shaw.

I’ve noticed that attending a Historically Black College with low funding, it becomes hard trying to maintain and have nice things. However shaw ensures a clean environment starting at your dorm. A nice sized room with very nice furniture. The dorms are big enough to have friends over and enjoy your company. Shaw makes sure that you live comfortably while getting a great education.

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