The Insight Look on Being A Shaw Student

The adventures of Shaw University are definitely interesting. The school itself is interesting, but I guess that’s what makes Shaw… well Shaw. The everyday adventures of being a Shaw student can be very overwhelming at times but that’s what makes the college experience worthwhile.

Right across from Shaw University are beautiful, tall buildings that surround small businesses such as coffee shops, tattoo parlors, pizza places, burger joints, etc. This place is known as Downtown. Downtown is a place where students who attend Shaw spend some of their free time. It’s a place where they are allowed free time, space to be alone and think, hang out, find food, etc. Being downtown lets us as Shaw students find something to do away from campus. It may be close to campus, but it’s still a way for us to attempt to escape the world of college, school work, peer pressure, drama, etc. Being downtown creates many memories. Those nights when you wanted to be alone and decided to take a walk downtown to think. Or even those nights when you walked downtown just to be with your friends because you needed something to do but didn’t feel like partying. Those are nights to remember, those are the nights Shaw students look forward too.

In addition to spending time downtown, other ways students can find an escape from the school life right on campus is in the Shaw University Spaulding Gym. In this gym, student athletes come together to do what they love the most. “Teamwork makes the Dream work” is a great way to describe Shaw University’s Men’s Basketball Team. I have the privilege of being one of their managers. Helping and motivating each other is most definitely what these boys do. They show that they’re a family on and off the court, and prove it through the encouraging words that they give each other to push them through their practices. They do get mad at each other sometimes but they just remind their selves that they’re brothers at the end of the day and they all have the same goal they want to achieve. A common goal for them isn’t only being the best at the sport that they love, but being student athletes as well. Dedication is key if you want to achieve anything in life and these boys show just that at practice and in class. Being a college student is hard, but being a college student athlete is harder.

You want to know what’s harder than being a college athlete? Being in a sorority or fraternity on campus. Just about everyone knows the frats and sororities don’t are big on their reputations and grades and if you didn’t know, now you know. But on the other hand, besides their grades and reputations, they’re also known for their “turn up” sessions that they hold on campus. Have you ever attended a Shaw University event hosted by them? It’s probably one of the best things to attend. Seeing black people unite and enjoy each other’s company always shows that there’s hope to uplift and bring the race together as one.

College, college, college… most definitely a way to start your journey and figure just exactly who you want to be and what you want to achieve. A writing utensil is more meaningful now that I fully understand that it’s what helps me start my real-life journey. With this pencil and with this paper, college students start their journey. They can express themselves and describe typical situations in their everyday college lives. With this pencil and with this paper… a new journey in life begins. Students at Shaw can write the next chapter in their book that they control.

In order to start the pages of their book, Shaw students have to be dedicated and being up at 3 a.m. trying to finish papers and simple homework given by your professors when you KNOW you have an 8:00 class in the morning shows nothing but dedication. You could simply fall asleep if you wanted too but instead you’re up doing what you need to do to make yourself, your family and everyone else around you proud.

While you’re making everyone proud with your academic work, you should always look at the extracurriculars. Shaw University holds one of the best bands/dance teams in my opinion. They never fail to leave a wonderful impression on their audiences. They always have people up and out of their seats dancing and cheering them on. I don’t know about you but sometimes I imagine myself being the one to perform. Haha, maybe someday.

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