Marketing is more than creating a Facebook or Twitter page

If you were expecting some 3 step program on how to create a successful business Facebook page, it’s time to wake the f*ck up my friend.

You can never expect the consumers to come and find you, you must meet them where they are already going.

It isn’t 2012, hell it is barley even 2016. If you are spending thousands to advertise on television, ask yourself, is this money worth the actual attention my marketing is getting? The answer is more than likely no.

Sure, you can be getting millions of eyes on your ad, but you are not getting millions of buyers from your ad. And there is the key difference.

Market attention is always always always more important than market impressions. If you want to succeed in the digital future, you need to learn to be a digital marketer. Here is some ideas on how to crush digital going into 2017.


Snapchat is a major player in 2017, just as it was in 2015 and 2016 and will continue to be because they operate like a media company, not a social company.

Snapchat feels casual and fun, so young adults (and teens, duh) love it. More than likely young adults are going to be your target market, so bet big on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

This doesn’t mean post up a bunch of 10% discounts, it means post up a bunch of cool fucking content. Video video video. People love video right now and that trend is only growing. The key is to be where the consumer is, not ask them to come to where you are.

Snapchat has a unique field of endless creativity, so take advantage and stay relevant on this platform as much as possible.


The motto of just about any marketer is to go where the consumers eyes are. This will always be true, to an extent, but what if you followed where the consumers brains are? Things that are actually interesting and captivating to them. That is what you need to be creating. Create content that drives attention, not just views.

Bonus tip: Never post something just to post. Post when you actually have something to say.

Think of it like this, if your tweet gets 500 thousands views, but only 5 people hit like on it, it wasn’t a good tweet.

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