Relationships are everything in business

Since the beginning of your life all you have done is create, build, and maintain relationships. It is in the nature of who we are as humans. Relationships are the key to life and the key to business.

If you look back on your interactions with a business that you truly enjoyed, more than likely it is because that brand treated you like a friend. They created a relationship rather than just a sale. It makes you feel welcomed, it helps you have a great experience more than any other factor.

Thst is something that is important for your company, you need to build authentic relationships with your clients. Your current customers, your new customer, and your potential customers.

Remember to be human, not everything in business needs to be boring and a process that no one enjoys. Make it enjoyable by talking with that person as if they were your friend. Give true advice that will help them grow and do whatever it is that they do. Even if that means they have to walk away from your company, don’t hold them back just to earn you an extra buck.

Now, good relationships require good communication. The sale is not over after you have the money. It’s your responsibility to build up your relationship with each customer for as long as you possibly can. Stay in touch like you would with a good friend, but keep in mind that doesn’t mean spam them every single day.

A nice touch is to send a hand written thank you card. Make it personal to show true empathy, mention the product you sold to them. “Hey Jon, how is your website working? I just took a look and it’s looking great!” is something I would send as the salesmen of a website design agency.

In relationships there is the good and the bad, as you know, sometimes you have to end a bad relationship. And that is not exactly a bad thing to do. If a customer is not getting the full potential with your brand, and you are not getting the full potential with the customer, it may be time to consider moving on. Don’t be afraid to say bye to the wrong people, it opens doors for the right ones.

All in all it comes down to being authentic and having true empathy. Better people make better businesses.