Two More Free Divi Layouts

Image thanks to Elegant Themes

Today we are releasing two more open source Divi Builder layouts for everyone and anyone to use on their WordPress websites. Featuring our own, simple Careers page a sleek and modern retail page that integrates WooCommerce.

Our Careers page was based on cutting the bullsh*t and getting straight to the point, who we are looking to hire and what we can offer people. The nice thing about this layout is you can add tons and tons of positions and other information, using this as a starting point.

Here is a layout we finished today just for free use, a modern retail e-commerce website homepage. Featuring a gorgeous edge to edge grid using images and sliders, along with several other sliders and graphics to create an easy and visual shopping experience that you can implement around your entire retail website, basing it off of this sleek homepage.

How to download the layouts

First, click here to download the layout file, it should save as a .JSON file for you on Mac or PC. Next, after you have downloaded and activated the Divi theme, you will go to your WordPress dashboard.
Then you will head over the control panel on the left side and hover over the button that reads ‘Divi’. Next, Divi Library.
On the top left will be two buttons, one saying ‘Manage Categories’ and one saying ‘Import & Export. Click on ‘Import & Export’.
It should open a purple pop-up box with two tabs. Click on the tab titled ‘Import’. Finally, you will be able to upload the .JSON file from your computer.
After the file has imported you will need to go to the page that you intend on importing the layout on to. From there you will activate the Divi Builder, then hit ‘Load From Library’ then select the tab that reads ‘Add From Library” and find the layout labeled ‘Shelby Company Homepage’.
You now have complete access to the files and images we used on our homepage and blog right on your own website. Feel free to use this design in any way you would like!

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