Hire more diverse teams in blockchain with the she256 Job Board

Kristie Huang
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3 min readApr 27, 2021


At she256, we fundamentally believe that blockchain technology will shape our future financial and governance structures, and as such it’s crucial that those building these systems are representative of the global, diverse population which they intend to serve.

Are you building a company in the blockchain space? More diverse teams bring more diverse solutions to the table and tend to outperform less diverse ones — but we didn’t need to tell you that.

We’re announcing the full launch of the she256 Job Board: push your job openings out to our community of women, nonbinary people, and underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities in crypto in our 5000-strong community. Help make crypto more diverse, equitable, and inclusive for all.

Learning from the beta

We ran a beta earlier last year to test a few hypotheses on building an impactful and useful jobs platform. We onboarded 20+ company partners, tested a set of inclusivity guidelines, added 300 new members to our community, and gained a better understanding of how we can connect our community to the opportunities available. We’ve taken those learnings, made some major improvements, and are now gearing up for a full launch.

Join us as a she256 Company Partner, and get access to:

  • Postings on a job board for our company partners only. We’ve partnered with Getro to streamline the experience for everyone involved — jobs.she256.org (isn’t live yet) will automatically scrape your company websites to update our job board, without any additional work from your end. If wanted, your team will be able to manually manage it as well.
  • A private resume database of women, nonbinary people, and underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities in crypto in our 5k+ strong community
  • Get connected to a network of promising applicants before you’re even ready to hire
  • As always, posting access in the #jobs-careers Discord channel
  • No cost to you, but we may have to limit the number of companies we can work with given Getro’s pricing model.

This is the first step towards a larger plan to build out a more robust careers platform for our community members and for the crypto space.

Interested in joining us as a company partner?

Please fill out our application interest form! It’s short and shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. We’re asking for a basic pledge to uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in your employee processes.

Even if not, we’d love to have you in our Discord at tiny.cc/she256discord! We have a public #jobs-careers channel where you can blast your open opportunities to our community.

Reach out to partnership@she256.org with any questions.

Are you job-seeking?

Check out she256.org/career-dev to access the job board & to submit your resume to our new Community Resume Database!

Also, say hi in our Discord community. We have everyone from complete crypto newbies to longtime HODLers who would all love to meet you and welcome you to the cryptosphere.