Listen to Your Mom
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Listen to Your Mom

Daily Mom Hug | They Lie

Hello, fam! Just wanted to drop in this morning to remind you that whenever the voices in your head scream that you’re a terrible person, that you’re worthless, that your ideas are stupid — whatever — that they are liars.




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Your success, your progress forward, these things suck their power away. Because if you’re not listening to these echoes of doubt planted by people in your past or your mental illness, they cannot continue to keep you in a stagnant place.

And you deserve to follow your dreams.

You deserve to be happy and loved.

Remember that, too.

Your Mom



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CL Huth

CL Huth


Award-winning author of the Zoe Delante Thriller series (, mother, nerd, and the biggest cheerleader you’ll ever have on your side. #paranormal