SHEzaadi Fashion Week Roundup

Shezaadis are making their appearance this New York Fashion Week! We’ve got a pulse on dispatches from MG that mipster fashion bloggers are at the scene.

We’re seeing a holistically Shezaadi infiltration of NYFW, here with a nod at our modesty fashionista sisters, which reminds us of an event we went to in the fall at NYU called Wearing the Hijab: Faith, Fashion, and Feminism. It was a discussion with fashion bloggers and designers dedicated to using hijab to express themselves and their faith, breaking the stereotype surrounding what a Muslim woman looks like. Panelists included Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, award-winning fashion designer Nzinga Knight, and fashion blogger and FIT student, Sobia Masood.

We’re glad to see scarves tied as hijab on mannequins at the Uniqlo in Herald Square, the odd Mariah Idriss NPR story crop up, those Dolce & Gabbana hijabs and abayas, and of course the hijabi ballerina who warms our heart.

But of course, not all Shezaadis wear hijab. Fashion has always been a tough one for us, there are plenty of stories of sneaking skimpy outfits under school clothes, changing at a friend’s place, or remixing garments to bring hems higher, slits longer. But the mixed feelings of liberation, body consciousness, and pornographic values of beauty standards usually leave us with a resting bitch face that ruins our look. Shame.

Yet it seems we no longer have to choose just one world to dip our feet in. 2016 seems to be our year; our year of the monkey, our awards takeover, our time to be non-conforming and proud.

It’s a great time to be alive when we finally have brown girls with typically brown features rocking out in all their dark skinned, full browed glory!

Bhumika Arora at Prabal Gurung (left), Neelam Gill (right)

The Fashion Week institution is letting up a little, including such brown designers as Naeem Khan, Bibhu Mohapatra, and our boi Prabal Gurung. You can read more about them here.

(clockwise from top left:) Bit of Game of Thrones inspo from Naeem Khan, the Sabyasachi Heritage Bridal SS16 collection, and Prabal Gurung

But not all representation is good representation. As we enter the age of the Shezaadi issues of cultural appropriation will arise. I am very confused and embarrassed by Beyonce in her new video, where she rocked an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla gown, unfinished mehndi, some House of the Undying facial chain jewellery, and swirly Indian hands. What the hell was that? Angry tweets about cultural misappropriation aside, the wannabe M.I.A. shtick should really be left to the one and only M.I.A.


The best cross-cultural collab we’ve ever seen still remains to be the Chanel Paris Bombay Métiers d’Art 2011/2012 show. Watch it and weep, it’s out of this dunya.

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