Meet Me in Sheboygan


Ich bin SheVegas
أنا SheVegas
Soy SheVegas
I Am SheVegas
Kuv SheVegas
أنا ليس مهما، ما أقف لهو!
Yo no soy importante, lo que represento es!
Kuv tsis tseem ceeb, yog dab tsi kuv sawv rau yog!
אני לא חשוב, מה שאני עומד להוא!
 Ich bin nicht wichtig ist, wofür ich stehe ist!
I am not important, what I stand for is!

My world revolves around 53081, Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA.
I live here, learn here, play here, no apologies, some regrets.

I believe that information should be free, knowledge is power, and anybody can be anything. Education is important, school is not, working hard is everything, working long is not.

One more thing, you deserve better, yet, can’t help with that, it’s up to You!

important to your leaders
important to me
important to everybody

Making Sheboygan a better place to live will make it a better place to visit.

We Need You

It’s your future, control it? What Do YOU want?

Better roads, lower taxes, more or less police, yada, yada, yada…

How about the bigger and better deal? The Big Dream, Everything!

It’s time for a community brainstorm, who, me, he, she, it, posting ideas, seeding thought, getting to know each other. A few hours on a Wednesday night spinning the future of Sheboygan in a positive direction.

Seed thought, harvest dreams

Life is not spinning out of control, it’s getting easier everyday, yet, only if you let it. While everybody is rushing to the next big thing, I suggest we slow down and reexamine everything, and as a community craft our dream city and figure out how to make our dream come true.

I’m sugggesting a gathering at the Mead Public Library on a Wednesday night. It’s open until 8, we could start at 6, two hours, simply putting our thoughts on post it notes, filling the makerspace with dreams.

No negativity, no criticism, plenty of time for that crap, this is all about dreams. We gather the dreams, publish them online and post some posters, let the community see our dreams, laugh and love our dreams, encourage more dreaming.

A week later we meet again and love each others dreams, those with the most love get moved up for breakout groups and we dream together, this time at one of our awesome park shelters, and with some food. You want to follow a dream, join that breakout group and go for it. you can always move from dream to dream, yet, focus is kind of important.

Posters and online publication of everything we create will spread around the community as we seed community discussion and indeed become a community, not just a City.

By this time we need to start sharing resources: books, videos, articles, anything. I’m creating a reading list of sorts and will offer way too much information, yet, you need to share your sources or this won’t work.

We become defacto experts on making our dreams come true and we make them come true, one improvement at a time. No rush to act, simply focusing on launching a living breathing, changing plan for New Years.

Eventually our large group will become many small groups that meet on thier own and share with the hive, a central online presence will serve as our core, and anybody can contribute from anywhere at anytime.

Will we continue to have meetings? Absolutely, think of this as a Masters Class in Community. Just like any great class the person to person meetups are crucial as they spawn a great deal of relationships that are every bit as important as anything we can accomplish.

It’s that easy.

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