How do you Help Women in Tech?

Practical ways to #BreakTheBias

It’s Women’s History Month and, at the same time, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Many worldwide, both men and women, are trending the #BreakTheBias hashtag. We encourage women to tell their stories, saying that women can and should pursue a career in tech without discrimination. However, it goes beyond trending a hashtag. We’ll discuss practical ways to break the bias and contribute towards equal representation in the tech space.

Be their voice.

We always tell women to speak up when they face underestimation or discrimination. And while that’s a piece of good advice, it isn’t always feasible. Say she’s the only woman in the room, surrounded by seven men. She tries to talk, but they continually silence her; what does she do? At that time, she does not need instruction to shout louder but a voice to support hers. Be an ally, but not just in your mind; be vocal about it.

Support them unashamedly.

If you speak about the empowerment and encouragement of and fairness to women in tech when they’re there, do it behind them also. Do not tweak your opinion about whether women should have a place in tech or not to suit the crowd. You are either all in or out. Support women in tech; do it unashamedly. Do it when they are there and when they are not.

Do not shut the door behind you.

If you are a woman who has successfully risen through the barriers and despite the odds, do more. Do not be so comfortable or excited to be the only woman in the room that you become a gatekeeper. You are there to be a voice and pave the way for more women. You have proven yourself worthy of that position; you should extend the opportunity to others. Keep the door open.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Another practical way to support women in tech is by offering sponsorship. If you know a girl trying to begin a tech career, you can encourage her by paying for her training and equipping her with the gadgets necessary to learn effectively. Support women-in-tech-focused communities financially.

Break the Bias. But beyond the hashtags, walk the talk. Support women in tech; they deserve seats at the table too.

In the spirit of supporting the cause, we are currently seeking sponsorship and partnerships at She Code Africa. We are committed to celebrating and empowering Women in Tech across Africa, and we need sponsors and partners to achieve our goal. You can donate/partner here.



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Olamide 'Pearl' Makinde

Olamide 'Pearl' Makinde

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