Sheepy Gets Clogged

A Sheepy and Bunny are Friends Story

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Sheepy moped about. He was sad because Bunny left him alone. During the daytime, Sheepy stood alone in the meadow and cried. During the night he softly sobbed in his bed of straw. All the other sheep tried to cheer Sheepy. They kept telling him, Bunny will be back soon after his foot gets better. He promised he would come back, but Sheepy felt alone without his special friend Bunny riding on his back.

While waiting for Bunny’s return, Sheepy chewed his grass with a long face, not able to enjoy the sweet taste he loved. He pawed at the ground, sighed in his sleep, and wouldn’t play sheep games with his friends. He stood in the meadow alone. His friends called for him to come play. He wouldn’t. After a while, they left him alone. They knew he missed Bunny. Poor Sheepy felt miserable.

In this story, Sheepy’s sadness over Bunny’s absence kept him from pooping for many days. When Bunny returns, he finds Sheepy all clogged and unable to poop. Sheepy is so happy Bunny has returned and loves to poop when he is happy. How will Bunny get Sheepy pooping again? Find more stories about Sheepy and Bunny at

Then one afternoon when Sheepy moped about in the meadow, the sheep flock began bleating and calling, becoming all excited over something in the meadow.

“Bunny? Is that Bunny?” They called to each other. “Sheepy will be so happy.”

The flock followed after something hopping in the grass in a little group. The elder rams and ewes straggled behind the young sheep.

Sheepy heard the flock calling to him, and saw Bunny hopping toward him in the grass with the sheep following closely behind.

“Bunny! Bunny! Is that my Bunny?” called Sheepy.

“I’m here, it’s Bunny!” called Bunny back.

Sheepy ran toward Bunny, with big wet tears of joy rolling from his eyes.

Bunny hopped small jumps toward Sheepy; he limped slightly on his right foot.

When they met in the middle of the meadow, Sheepy snuggled his pink nose into Bunny’s ears and licked Bunny’s nose. Bunny giggled and put his paws on Sheepy’s cheeks. The sheep flock gathered around them.

“I missed Bunny so much,” Sheepy cried. His wool was all wet around his eyes.

“Bunny missed Sheepy too,” said Bunny. He kissed Sheepy on the nose.

Then Sheepy stretched his neck and tossed his head back and bleated out happy sounds.

“My Bunny is here, my Bunny is back,” Sheepy sang.

Sheepy danced with his front hooves. He danced with his back hooves. Sheepy shook his rump side to side, nodded his head up and down, flicked his ears back and forth, and wagged his tail.

“Hop up on Sheep’s back,” said Sheepy, “and I will carry my special friend to show everyone that Bunny is back.

“Bunny’s paw is still sore, but it’s getting better. Can Sheepy sit down so Bunny doesn’t have to jump so high,” said Bunny.

Sheepy’s sat down and tucked his legs under him, so Bunny only needed to hop up.

Bunny wrapped his paws around Sheepy’s neck and snuggled his face into Sheepy’s wool.

Sheepy was so happy to have Bunny on his back again that he did more happy dances on his front and back legs, nodded his head, flicked his ears and waggled his tail.

The flock of sheep gathered around, happy for Sheepy and Bunny. They dropped little poops into the grass.

“What, no poop Sheepy?” said Bunny.

“What do you mean?” said Sheepy.

“Sheepy always poops when he happy dances.” Bunny covered his mouth with his paw and giggled.

“All sheep poop when they are happy,” said Sheepy.

“But you didn’t poop, aren’t you happy? said Bunny.

“Sheepy is so happy that his Bunny is back!”

Bunny hopped down Sheepy’s back to his rump and lifted his tail with his paw.

“There’s no poopy,” said Bunny. “How long has it been since Sheepy pooped last?”

“Not since Bunny went away and left Sheepy,” said Sheepy.

“What?” said Bunny. “Sheepy hasn’t pooped that long.”

“Nope,” said Sheepy, “Sheepy was too sad to poop.”

“Oh, no, Sheepy’s going to be all clogged up,” said Bunny.

“Sheepy don’t want to be clogged!” cried Sheepy.

“See if you can poop,” said Bunny.

Sheepy closed his eyes and pushed.

Bunny sat on Sheepy’s rump and watched his rear.

“Nothing’s coming out,” said Bunny.

Sheepy spread his back legs wider, and hunched down his rear end a little and pushed. Still, nothing came out.

The older rams smirked a little but tried to hide their amusement. The ewes adverted their eyes out of discretion, but the young sheep giggled and laughed at Sheepy’s distress.

Then Sheepy crouched down on his front hooves shoving his rear way up in the air with Bunny still on his rump and pushed hard. Nothing moved.

“Sheep can’t poop!” Sheepy bleated out. “Sheepy is all clogged!”

Sheepy stood back up. He had a frightened look on his face.

The younger sheep stopped laughing when they saw how serious Sheepy was.

Bunny hopped back to Sheepy’s head and put his paws around Sheepy’s neck.

“What’s Sheepy going to do?” said Sheepy to Bunny. “Sheepy needs to poop.”

“It’s OK,” said Bunny. “We will find a way to get Sheepy pooping again.”

Bunny petted Sheepy on the head with his long floppy ears and snuggled his nose into Sheepy’s wool.

Sheepy was so happy when Bunny came back, but now he felt a little scared. Sheepy always pooped when he was happy.

“Sheepy can’t poop!” cried out Sheepy. “What’s Sheepy going to do?”

“Bunny is here now,” said Bunny. “Bunny will fix everything.”

Sheepy loved and trusted his special friend Bunny. Bunny’s promise made Sheepy feel safe and happy on the inside even if there was no poop coming out of him.

“Let’s go back to the barn,” said one of the ewes, “and ask Bessie. She knows all about things like this.”

“Yeah,” said one of the elder rams, “she sure can drop big piles of poop.”

The whole sheep flock laughed over that remark. Even Sheepy giggled a little bit as the little group headed back to the barn.

When they came inside, Bessie stood there waiting for them.

“I heard Bunny came back,” she said.

“Here I am,” said Bunny. “I promised my special friend Sheepy I would be back.”

“Bessie,” said Sheepy. “I can’t poop.”

“Can you fart?” asked Bessie.

Sheepy pressed his eyes shut and tried to rip a fart. At first, nothing happened. Then finally a bellow of air came out. Sheepy shrieked because it hurt his insides but no poops emerged.

“Humm,” said Bessie, “I think you need some cod liver oil.”

“Yuk,” said Sheepy. “That stuff tastes terrible.”

“It will help loosen you up, so you can poop better,” said Bessie.

“It’ll make your insides slippery,” laughed one of the Rams.

“I think I have some in the back,” said Bessie. “I’ll go get some.”

“I don’t want any of that,” said Sheepy.

“Just try some,” said Bunny. “It might help.”

A few moments later Bessie returned with a glass bottle half filled with clear liquid. She also had a spoon.

“Here, now take a big gulp of this and you will be dropping balls of poop all over.

Sheepy pressed his lips closed and shook his head no.

“Give it to me,” said Bunny.

Bunny took the spoon into his paw, and using his ears, poured some of the liquid into the spoon. He held it up to Sheepy’s mouth, and said, “just swallow it real quick.”

Sheepy still shook his head no.

“Come on,” said Bunny, “do it real fast.”

Sheepy closed his eyes real tight and opened his mouth a little. Bunny slipped the spoon onto his tongue. Sheepy swallowed as fast as he could.

“Icky,” said Sheepy. “That stuff tastes really bad.”

“Good,” said Bessie. “Soon you’ll be farting like a pig full of beans.”

“See Sheepy,” said Bunny. “You’ll be farting just like me.”

Bunny lifted his tail and let out a fart.

“Will this one smell like peaches?” said one of the ewes.

All the animals laughed.

“That’s not funny,” said Sheepy. “I didn’t know they were Bunny’s farts.’

All the animals remembered the time when Sheepy was hungry and thought he smelled peaches in the barn. Bunny had been eating some yummy peaches, but he ate too many and quietly started to fart. Bunny smelled up the barn with the scent of peaches.

Sheepy was hungry and smelled peaches.

He asked Bunny, “I’m hungry. Do you smell peaches?”

Bunny giggled but was too embarrassed to tell Sheepy it was his peach scented farts that Sheepy smells.

Sheepy looked all through the barn for the hidden peaches.

Bunny kept laughing and finally told Kitty that it was his peach farts that Sheepy smelled. Kitty went blabbed it to all the other animals.

“Everyone’s farts smell different,” said Kitty. She had been lounging on a bale of hay cleaning her ears and eavesdropping on the sheep’s conversation. “For instance,” she purred, “my farts smell like Chanel #5.” Kitty put a paw over her mouth and swooshed her tail, laughing at her own joke.

“When have you ever smelled Chanel #5?’ said Bessie, raising one of her eyebrows and tilting her head to the side.

“The Housewife has some,” said Kitty. “She sprays it on herself some mornings when Bad Farmer is away.”

“Really?” clucked Bessie with her tongue. “Is that so!”

“Everyone’s little stinkies have their own smell,” said Bunny. “Even Sheepy’s poops have a nice sent.”

“That’s right,” said Sheepy. “Mine smell like rose petals.”

All the animals laughed except Bessie, who kept a stern look on her face.

“What does your poop smell like Bessie?” Kitty asked her.

“Her poop smells like shit,” bellowed one of the elder rams that liked to irritate Bessie.

All the animals laughed even harder.

“I’ll have you know,” said Bessie, all offended and wagging her head back and forth, “my shit does more work on this farm than all your poops put together.”

“Ours smells like strawberries,” offered the Silkies.

Bessie’s sighed and shrugged her shoulders. She shook her head and clanged the bell around her neck.

“Can you poop yet Sheepy?” asked Bunny.

Sheepy waggled his rump and pushed. His belly made a groaning sound, and his butt just gurgled.

“Sheepy, you’re all constipated,” said Bessie. “Take some more cod liver oil.”

“I don’t want anymore,” said Sheepy. “It’s not working.”

“If you don’t take the cod liver oil, you will need an enema,” said Bessie.

“An enema?” said Sheepy. “What’s that?”

“I know what that is,” said Kitty. “Housewife does that too.”

Kitty started laughing and rolling around on the bale of hay.

“It’s so funny to see her do it. If she sees me watching, she will close the door so I can’t see. But I know what she is doing!”

Kitty pawed at the air with her front legs and kicked her back legs up showing her belly and giggled.

“This isn’t a laughing matter,” said Bessie.

Kitty rolled over and put her paws to her mouth.

“I’ll go get one of the bottles. I know where they are,” said Kitty. She jumped down from the bale and scurried out through a hole in the wall.

“What’s an enema?” asked Sheepy again.

“It’s when you fart and light it on fire with a flame,” said one of the young sheep.

“What? NO! Don’t do that to Sheepy!” cried Sheepy.

Sheepy eyes were really big and he started shaking.

“It’s Ok,” said Bunny, patting Sheepy on the neck. “He is teasing. That isn’t what an enema is.”

Sheepy relaxed a little, remembering Bunny was still riding on his back.

“That would be so funny,” bleated some of the younger sheep.

“You should light one of Bessie’s on fire,” said the older ram that liked to irritate Bessie. “It would be a big flame.”

The young sheep all laughed. Even some of the ewes giggled.

“You’re an insufferable old goat,” said Bessie.

“No, I’m an insufferable old ram,” corrected the elder ram.

The sheep and the other animals laughed at Bessie’s chagrin, making Bessie even more irritated and snappy.

At that moment, Kitty popped back into the barn through the hole in the wall. The same hole used by the scurrying creatures that lived outdoors to pop inside and see what their friends were up to. This time Kitty was followed by Mr. Squirrel who was curious why Kitty was carrying an enema bottle in her mouth.

“Wait, wait, wait for us,” called some little chirpy voices. “We want to see also.”

Chippy and Chilly came scampering through the hole.

When they saw Bunny riding on Sheepy’s back, the two little chipmunks jumped onto the rump of one sheep then hopped across the backs of other sheep crying out: “Bunny, Bunny you’re back.”

They leaped onto Sheepy’s back and from both sides, they gave Bunny a big hug.

“What are you doing?” They asked in unison, twitching their striped tails around.

“We’re about to give Sheepy an enema,” said Bunny.

The two chipmunks grabbed each other and fell over on Sheepy’s back rolling around and giggling. They had to cling to Sheepy’s wool to keep from falling off.

Sheepy bleated. Bunny hugged him around the neck to calm him.

Kitty leaped back on top of the bale of hay and set the bottle down. Mr. Squirrel climbed up a beam and settled onto a rafter.

“I can’t believe you put that disgusting thing in your mouth,” said Bessie to Kitty.

“I lick my butt all the time when I’m cleaning myself,” answered Kitty.

Bessie mooed and rolled her eyes. All the animals laughed at her again.

Sheepy looked at the bottle not knowing what it was for. He felt nervous. The enema bottle was round and white and made of rubber. It had a stiff tube sticking out of one end.

“What’s that thing for?” said Mr. Squirrel.

“It’s an enema bottle,” said Bessie, “It helps you poop.”

“Well now how does it work?” asked Mr. Squirrel.

“You squirt water into your butt with it,” said Kitty.

“How do you do that?” asked the chipmunks.

“I saw the housewife do it,” said Kitty. “She fills it up with water. Then she squats over it while holding the pointed end toward her butt. Then she pushes it in.” Kitty had to arch her back and fluff her tail to keep from laughing. “She squeezes so the water goes in.” Kitty covered her mouth and nose with her paws. “Then she pushes the water out of her butt to make her poop come out.”

Up on the rafter, Mr. Squirrel rolled onto his back with his feet up in the air laughing hysterically with his tail swishing back and forth.

“You’re teasing us, Kitty,” bleated one of the ewes, “with that thing?”

“It’s true,” said Kitty, “If she sees me watching, she closes the door!”

“Well I wouldn’t want anyone watching me do that either,” cried the ewe.

Up on the rafter, Mr. Squirrel finally got control of his laughter. After a few snorts, he said, “I’ll do it.” He giggled again. “I’ll stick it into Sheepy’s butt!”

Chippy and Chilly chimed in. “We’ll hold up Sheepy’s tail!” They hopped to Sheepy’s rump to get ready.

“We can fill it up with some water from the drinking bowls,” said Bessie.

Mr. Squirrel hopped down from the rafter and snatched up the enema bottle in his little paws. He tucked it under his arm and scampered to the water bowls to fill it.

Sheepy let out a loud bleat. “No, don’t stick that in Sheepy’s rump!”

Mr. Squirrel stuck the tube of the bottle into the water bowl but nothing happened.

“How do you get it to fill up,” he asked Kitty.

“Squeeze it,” she said. “That’s what Housewife does.”

Mr. Squirrel used his little paws and squeezed the bottle hard. The rubber bottle collapsed between his paws. It took him a lot of effort to squeeze it and he couldn’t hold it. When he let go the bottle suddenly inflated and sucked up the water surprising Mr. Squirrel. He fell backward flipping the water bottle on his chest dribbling water all over his face.

Mr. Squirrel laughed and said, “I see how it works now.”

Once he had the bottle full, he hopped on top a bale of hay, holding the bottle over his head and called to Sheepy.

Sheepy shook his head back and forth saying: “no no no.”

Chippy and Chilly grabbed hold of Sheepy’s tail on either side and lifted it.

“It’s ok Sheepy,” said Bunny, stroking Sheepy’s head.

Holding the enema bottle, Mr. Squirrel bounded across some of the sheep’s backs toward Sheepy. When Sheepy saw him coming, he led out of big bleat and ran behind a pile of hay bales.

Mr. Squirrel leaped from sheep to bales and even off Bessie’s rump to follow Sheepy.

Sheepy ran to the back of the barn bleating. He dodged hay bales and other sheep trying to escape. Bunny held onto his neck trying to calm Sheepy. Chippy and Chilly struggled to keep Sheepy’s tail lifted.

Mr. Squirrel finally caught up with Sheepy and leaped onto his back holding the enema bottle and heading for Sheepy’s rear end.

“No, No, Sheepy doesn’t want it,” he cried out. “Don’t put that in my rump.”

Sheepy was cornered and had nowhere to run.

Sheepy wildly shook his rump trying to knock Mr. Squirrel off. Chippy and Chilly were unable to hold on and tumbled to the ground. They scampered to the top of a hay bale just missing getting trampled by Sheepy’s hooves. Sheepy swung his head and bucked his rear finally knocking Mr. Squirrel loose. Even Bunny was nearly thrown off Sheepy’s neck.

Bunny used his long floppy ears to stroke Sheepy’s cheeks and face to sooth his fear.

“Hush my sweet Sheepy,” murmured Bunny into Sheepy’s ear. “If it scares Sheepy, you don’t have to use it. We will find another way to get Sheepy pooping.”

“Sheepy wants to poop but not with that,” said Sheepy. “That scares Sheepy.”

“Why does it scare Sheepy,” asked Bunny.

“It reminds Sheepy of what Bad Farmer tries to do,” said Sheepy. He started to cry. “Sheepy didn’t like that; makes Sheepy sad and scared.”

“Oh, Sheepy don’t cry,” said Bunny. “Bunny has a new idea to get Sheepy pooping.”

“What?” said Sheepy.

“Bunny will show Sheepy,” said Bunny. “Let’s go to Sheepy’s bed, where Sheepy lays down to sleep.”

“Ok,” said Sheepy with a weary voice. “But no enema.”

“No enema,” said Bunny.

Bunny told the other animals that they weren’t going to use the enema bottle. Several of the sheep moaned in disappointment, along with Mr. Squirrel who thought it would be so funny.

Sheepy, with Bunny riding on his back, made his way to the straw bed where he liked to sleep at night with his special friend Bunny tucked under his chin.

Bunny told Sheepy to lie down in his comfy straw bed. Bunny jumped off his back and Sheepy lay down.

“Now I want Sheepy to roll over on his back with his hooves in the air,” said Bunny.

“But Sheepy might get stuck on his back and can’t roll over,” said Sheepy.

“Bunny will always help Sheepy get back on his hooves,” said Bunny.

The other animals gathered around to watch what Bunny was doing. Bessie stood over them watching with the little silkies gathered at her feet. Mr. Squirrel and the chipmunks climbed into the rafters to watch from above. The rams and ewes softly belated and nodded their heads.

Bunny climbed onto Sheepy’s belly between his back legs sticking up in the air. He massaged Sheepy’s belly with his front and back paws and then began to waggle his tail.

“Hee, hee, hee, it tickles having Bunny on Sheepy’s belly.” Sheepy let out little happy bleats.

Bunny waggled his soft fluffy tail faster and faster until it vibrated, then he pressed it to Sheepy’s belly. Bunny uses his tail waggle to massage Sheepy’s tummy.

Sheepy laughed and waved his hooves in the air bleating happy sounds.

Bunny softly hummed to Sheepy a lullaby he learned from his mommy, changing the words.

Little Sheepy, Little Sheepy

Gonna go and make a Poopie

Make a Poopie, a nice Poopie

And Sing with lots of Joy

Bunny massaged Sheepy’s belly with his waggling tail until Sheepy’s tummy began to relax. At first, Sheepy let little farts, then blew out a big blast of air that vibrated his rump. Sheepy giggled and laughed and farted as his hooves waved in the air. His head rolled in the straw, his ears twitched and eyes blinked as Bunny massaged and massaged Sheepy’s belly with his tail waggle. Finally, balls of sheep poop spilled from Sheepy’s butt, over his tail, and onto the straw. Sheepy bleated happy sounds as he felt his belly emptying as Bunny’s magical tale waggle loosened Sheepy’s insides.

“Looks like Sheepy is laying eggs, little brown eggs,” cried one of the Silkies.

“Don’t be silly,” said Bessie. “Sheep don’t lay eggs, and Bunnies don’t either. Only birds do.”

The other sheep became excited at Bunny’s success. They were happy to see the balls of poop rolling from Sheepy’s rear. Some of the lambs went bouncy bouncy, hopping on their front and back legs in circles. They kicked up straw from the barn’s floor. Mr. Squirrel and Chippy and Chilly came down from the rafters and rode around on the dancing sheep’s backs. They twitched and fluffed their tails in celebration. The older rams and ewes swayed their heads and shook their rumps and danced on their front hooves and sang sheep songs. As the sheep bounced and sang they dropped their own poop balls into the straw strewn all over the floor in happiness for Sheepy’s success.

“Who’s going to clean up this mess,” snapped Bessie.

The happy sheep just ignored her and continued to dance and sing:

Gonna go, Gonna go,

And Make a nice Poopie,

Make a Poopie, make a Poopie,

A nice Happy Poopie.

If you liked this story, come meet all the animals of the farm. Find more stories about Sheepy and Bunny and all their friends at




A collection of children’s stories about the special friendship between Sheepy and Bunny and their friends, including their run-ins with Bad Farmer and his Housewife. Meet all the animals of the farm at

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