Lobby Your MP for a Soft Brexit


The UK voted for Brexit and we cannot change that.

The UK triggered Article 50 and we cannot change that.

However, the negotiations are barely starting and we CAN influence them, by lobbying our MPs to represent our views in Parliament.

The process is a piece of cake.

Step 1. Go on the NUS website — click here — and fill in your name, email address and post code.

Step 2. The system will generate automatically a text box where you can put in your email to your MP and will automatically find your MP depending on your postcode. Go now to our SU website — click here — and download the TEMPLATE LETTER we have written and COPY PASTE IT in the box on the NUS website.

Step 3. Click SUBMIT and YOU’RE DONE!

You will then receive an email of confirmation that your MP has received your letter.

3 easy steps and basically three click and a copy-paste and you have obliged your MP to respond to your letter and represent your views in Parliament.

There is power in numbers! The more people will submit a letter and lobby their MP, the bigger the responsibility of that MP will be to represent their views.

So if you have a break from work or a break from procrastinating, don’t miss your chance to support your EU peers with a few clicks. Lobby Your MP for a Soft Brexit now!!!