Why We Need a #ReusableRevolution

All naturally occurring substances have a life cycle, meaning they are created and then eventually break down. The invention of plastic defied this, for the first time there was a cheap, long-lasting and durable material which transformed the world of consumer habits. An invention that once was revolutionary, plastic is now starving and suffocating ocean life and poisoning entire ecosystems.

The majority of plastic that you’ve ever seen, touched or owned will still exist in some respect today.

With 16,000 plastic bottles made every second and an estimated 12 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean each year, the scale of this problem is almost impossible to grasp. Plastic has infiltrated all areas of modern life; from wrapping the food we buy, to lining our coffee cups and the substance our kitchen utensils are made from. Scarce thought from consumers or producers goes into what will happen to the plastic they own once they no longer have use for it.

The effect of plastic pollution is having on the creatures that live in the sea, however, is evident. In the North Pacific alone, an estimated 18,000 tons of plastic ends up in the digestive tracts of fish and turtles have been found to be eating over twice as much plastic packaging as they did only 25 years ago. Animals ingesting plastic can both cause blockages and the rupture of their intestinal walls. Sea creature after sea creature have washed up, dead, on beaches after dying of starvation with their stomachs full of plastic.

When plastic enters our oceans, it never really decomposes but eventually breaks down into fragments called microplastics. This then forms a “plastic soup”. All kinds of animals that live in or feed from the sea then digest these microplastics, meaning plastic enters the food chain and leeches toxic chemicals. These have been linked to many diseases in humans, such as cancers and immune system problems. As a fifth of the human population relies on the ocean as their primary source of protein, this poisoning and destruction of our oceans poses a huge threat to both marine life and humankind.

We must take a stand and boycott single use plastics. We must place pressure upon manufactures to move to recycled or biodegradable alternatives. We must initiate a #ReusableRevolution.

You really can make a difference to this wide-scale problem. By opting for plastic free options, buying in bulk and opting for reusables; you can significantly help our planet.

Pledge to make a difference today here: https://goo.gl/forms/BhtAx0wFHww3tGsv2

And come along to the campaign launch event on Wednesday the 4th of October and watch a free screening of “A Plastic Ocean” which will be followed by a panel discussion from local activists, campaigners and academics.

Join the #ReusableRevolution today!

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