Table of Contents and Plan for Future Posts

Matt Robertson
Jun 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Shelf Life were a book, the following would be its Table of Contents. Hyperlinked articles are complete, unlinked articles are forthcoming.

Preliminary Musings

~ Wholesale: A Strange Beast
~ Small? Wholesale? Producer?
~ Hunters vs. Farmers: The Different Sales Personas
~ A Brief Summary and Dismissal of All the Sales Literature Ever Written, and Why Sales Pipelines are Silly

Feature Articles

~ Channel Surfing: a brief history of my quest to find the best sales channels for Wm. Chocolate, by Will Marx
~ Interview with a Retail Buyer: Beth Lewand of Eastern District

Product and Brand Positioning

~ Your Product Must Sell Itself
~ Defining Your Target Customer
~ Determining Your Unique Selling Proposition
~ Creating Your Branding


~ Anatomy of a Wholesale Price
~ Cost
~ Profit
~ Shelf Price
~ Price Increases, and How to Address Them With Your Customers

Sales Collateral

~ Sales Collateral
~ Line Sheet / Sell Sheet / Price Sheet
~ Catalog / Brand Book
~ Point of Purchase (POP)
~ Product Knowledge Sheet
~ Special Handling Instructions
~ Website
~ Samples Pack
~ Terms & Conditions

New Business Development (Hunter Tasks)

~ Prepping for a Successful Hunt
~ Loadin’ Up the Leads Hopper
~ How to Convert an Inbound Lead to a Long-Term Customer
~ Outbound Leads: Warming Up Those Cold Calls
~ Rejection and Dead Leads

Account Management (Farmer Tasks)

~ Mast Brothers: An Insider’s Account of a Wholesale Debacle (Part One)
~ Mast Brothers: An Insider’s Account of a Wholesale Debacle (Part Two)
~ Existing Accounts: Your Bread and Butter
~ Relationship Building


~ Weighing the Pros and Cons of Distributors
~ How Distributors Work, Part I: The Broad Strokes
~ How Distributors Work, Part II: Pricing
~ How Distributors Work, Part III: Marketing Programs


~ Marketing Basics for Wholesale CPG Brands
~ Marketing Tactics for Wholesale CPG Brands

Sales Strategies

~ Alternative Markets/Channels
~ Growing Outside of Your Home Region
~ CRM: Organizing Your Efforts
~ Anatomy of a Winning Sales Team
~ Pricing Strategy
~ Analyzing Sales Data
~ Cost Control
~ Sales Projections and Demand Planning

Glossary & Further Reading

~ Glossary
~ Further Reading

Please share your suggestions for future posts in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!

Shelf Life


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