Boxes for ShelterBox

Capital Movers & Storage and Walker’s Van & Storage

ShelterBox Canada’s Newest Partner

We have strong bonds, just like the families we help. Along with our dedicated staff, supporters and volunteers, our partners help us go further — faster.

Our partners enable us to go the extra mile and reach more people that desperately need our support.

Together we are able to respond to current disasters, while preparing for the next one, and raise awareness and funds all over the world. Most importantly, they share our conviction that no family should go without shelter.

Capital Movers & Storage and Walker’s Van & Storage

Capital Movers & Storage and Walker’s Van & Storage are established home and office relocation professionals with offices in Kingston, North Bay, Trenton, and Deep River, Ontario.

A connection to ShelterBox came to mind when Capital and Walker’s considered that while their mission is to see people relocated safely and securely from one home to the next, there are a great many people in the world who haven’t a home to move to. What does it mean to not have a roof to shelter your family, particularly during a time at which everything around you may have fallen apart?

From that reflection, and familiarity with the work of ShelterBox, a program of support was conceived. Boxes for ShelterBox is a way for Capital and Walker’s, and their customers, to give back directly to the worldwide efforts to provide shelter and security. The companies donate to ShelterBox 25% of the proceeds of all Capital container rentals and moving box and packing material sales.

As movers, we’re part of many new beginnings, and even when everything is going as planned, we see the hard work required to make that new start. We want to create opportunities for hope when life hasn’t gone as planned, and by giving back to aid organizations in our communities — locally and globally, we can help ensure positive new beginnings are available to everyone

Glenn C. Warner — Capital Movers & Storage, Walker’s Van & Storage

To learn more about Walker’s/Capital Group please visit their website.

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