Desperate for Rain — Drought Crisis in Somaliland

A ShelterBox team is responding to provide essential aid to families in need.

ShelterBox is looking to provide transportable shelter, mosquito nets and solar lights to nomadic families affected by the drought in Somaliland, a self-declared state in the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland is facing famine as livestock perish after three years of poor pasture. In the next few weeks, seasonal rains known locally as Gu might just save families from impending famine. But if the rains fail they will almost certainly lose their remaining livestock — on which they rely entirely for food and income.

Now, with thirst and malnutrition a daily threat, families are becoming even more widely displaced as they head off into the desert to seek pasture.

On the day that the UK Government’s Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) launches an appeal for the millions of people who face starvation across East Africa, ShelterBox returns from Hargeisa in Somaliland with a plan to aid drought-affected nomadic families.

ShelterBox is talking to the aid community and government officials about the scale of the problem. Watch this video for an update from the team while they were in-country.

You can help us send aid to families in desperate need. Visit our website today.

Please don’t delay — thousands of families in Somaliland and around the world need our help now.

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