Folly Brewpub Shines for ShelterBox

Local brewery hosting dining event to launch Shine for ShelterBox series

ShelterBox Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with Toronto-based Folly Brewpub to officially launch the 2017 Shine campaign on Thursday March 30th.

Through Shine for ShelterBox, Folly Brewpub is asking the community to get together to brighten lives. By attending and enjoying this three course dining event, you can help to provide emergency light, shelter and other vital supplies to save lives.

Your ticket price includes dinner, a glass of wine with dinner, base taxes and gratuity, and a donation to ShelterBox Canada.

Folly Brewpub is a small brewery in the heart of downtown Toronto. Ranked #2 in the Ontario Craft Beer Guide, this rustic pub also boasts the largest pouring whisky wall in the city. Community has always been at the forefront of the Folly philosophy, and they are honoured to have the opportunity to work with ShelterBox as they launch their Shine series. Visit Folly Brewpub for the latest in food and drink.

To see the menu and get your tickets, visit the event page here.

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