Saskatchewan Parishes Supporting ShelterBox

Ethiopian family who received ShelterBox aid thanks to the generosity of our supporters

The Hudson Bay Larger Parish in Saskatchewan has been fundraising for ShelterBox Canada for three years. The Parish is comprised of two congregations — one in Prairie River, SK and one in Hudson Bay, SK. The two congregations are approximately 50 kilometres apart but, together, share the same minister and ministry.

Each church member can, as part of the worship service, share the joy of birthdays, anniversaries, new grandchildren, or any other momentous occasion, by donating to ShelterBox Canada.

In Prairie River, a large pink pig is the recipient of the donations, while St. Stephen’s Parish in Hudson Bay has a small, white wooden church to gather the money. Every few months the pig and the church are emptied and the donations are sent off to ShelterBox Canada.

“Celebrations” Collection Box for St. Stephen’s Church

Each year the community finds a new way to visually keep track of their fundraising progress. In 2017, they used an image of a luminAID solar light for each $20 donated; in 2018, they will use a thermometer in each church to do the same.

While the small donations of loonies, toonies and small bills add up, they also encourage larger donations and indicate to members that they will be issued a tax receipt for donations of $20 or greater.

Sometimes, individuals from outside the congregations also contribute when they hear about the incredible change ShelterBox can make in the lives of those devastated by conflict and disaster.

While there are many other worthwhile charities that the two congregations support, ShelterBox Canada has been seen as an important partner in helping support those who are in need.

ShelterBox Canada has been the unanimous choice for three years now as the recipient of the “Celebrations” money.

Over the past three years, the Hudson Bay Larger Parish has raised over $3,450 to help provide essential aid items for families to rebuild and recover after disaster and conflict.

Thank you so much to everyone who chooses to share the joy of their momentous life events to help ensure no family is left without shelter.

Thank you for “Celebrating” with ShelterBox Canada!

If you would like to join the parishioners of Hudson Bay Larger Parish in fundraising for ShelterBox Canada, sign up for a fundraising page today.