ShelterBox Canada at Beakerhead

School group visiting the ShelterBox Canada display in Calgary at Beakerhead

From September 14–18, the annual Beakerhead Festival will be taking place in Calgary and ShelterBox Canada is thrilled to be a collaborator at this year’s event! Beakerhead takes place over five days and consists of engineered works of art and interactive experiences in the city.

ShelterBox Canada was brought to the attention of the organizers of Beakerhead because of how our aid helps to create small pockets of self-contained safety and comfort in times and places where this is lacking.

We will be participating in the “Beakerhead for a Better World” series which celebrates how science, engineering and art can expand our minds, engage our senses, and solve the planet’s most challenging social problems.

Visit the Beakerhead website for more information about the festival and check our social media for updates from the event.

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