On writer’s block, fear, and tyler durden syndrome

Fear is a crafty little devil.

There’s a fine line between Inspiration and Threat, Hobby and Craft.

They say Procrastination is the product of Discontent. Discontent the product of Anxiety. Anxiety the product of Fear.


Insomnia the product of All Of The Above.


I don’t just believe it, I live it.

Today I finally felt something other than fear something like a tron-like lightbeam of motivation and inspiration flowing through me something that made me want to get off my fear-frozen ass and write write write something that roused my inner wannabe Hemingway and David Foster Wallace something I haven’t felt in a long long long time something more than just a fleeting feeling of faux-flair.

But to tell you the truth — I almost couldn’t care less.

All I really want is some goddamn Shuteye.

P.S. thanks Hiromi Meguro you know why ^^