I’m flying today, and in a way it’s a homecoming. Not where I’m going, but the getting there. In the long security lines full of frantic people, I am serene.

I’m transferring at LAX, in my experience the worst airport. But I know it; I’m over it. I know not to find my gate by looking at a computer, that I’ll have to ask what terminal I’ll need, then ask directions, leave security and walk outside and start over in another line checking in again.

I have a book I read in line on my phone. In the security line, I take my shoes off ahead of time and carry them sock-footed down the line. I’ll practice my talk on the airplane.

Once again I have a talk to give tomorrow. Strangers to meet, phrasing to obsess over tonight, nerves to intentionally forget, and the coming lull of relief where I judge my performance. A specific focus, a specific relief. And the moving on again.

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