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Don’t Just Audit — Shield Yourself and Your Community Too!

Cybersecurity challenges have become front and center in recent years, with high-profile hacks, security scandals, and data breaches dominating the headlines.

As we all know, security bugs don’t sleep. So we’ve introduced a system to give you peace of mind around the clock. CertiKShield is a decentralized, membership-based plan to provide reimbursements for lost or stolen assets.

As the starter plan, all CertiKShield members can get up to $100,000 in reimbursements for lost or stolen crypto assets. Join before November 1, 2020 and get 2 free weeks!

CertiKShield will be deployed in multiple phases over the coming weeks, and today, we’re opening Early Sign-Ups for blockchain projects to join and protect their tokens. See below for all the details!

My Project Needs This. How Do We Sign Up?

If you’re a blockchain project, just follow these three simple steps, and we’ll take care of the rest:

  1. Submit an application with some basic information about your project.
  2. If you’ve received a recent audit in the past three months, we’ll take another look for free. Otherwise, we’ll get you audited quickly.
  3. Fill out some paperwork, and you’ll become a Member. As long as you’re a Member, you’re eligible to reimburse up to $100,000 of lost or stolen tokens from code malfunctions and cyber hacks.

Due to demand there is currently a waitlist, but we are accepting blockchain projects for our pre-approval process.

How does this work? How do my audit report and Security Oracle score relate?

The cost of your membership is related to how secure your code is — that’s why we require all blockchain projects to have a recent audit. The Security Oracle is an on-chain, up-to-date score to represent the security of your smart contract. To put it simply, the higher the Security Oracle score, the cheaper your membership fee.

All CertiKShield reimbursement plans start with $100,000 worth of coverage against crypto assets that are lost or stolen (we’ll walk through all the details with you) — you’ll simply pick the length of your membership.

At a later stage, we’ll open up the CertiKShield membership plan to everyone, meaning your token holders can join the membership and gain protection for their own crypto assets. Your loyal community will thank you for allowing them to finally HODL in peace!

A Much Needed DeFi Safety Net

Part of the immense attraction of DeFi is its boldness — bigger risks, bigger rewards. We’re all for the bigger rewards, but as security experts, we’re constantly finding ways to mitigate the risks. With DeFi evolving at a breakneck pace, the only way to keep up is to develop a system that’s flexible enough to stick with it.

The CertiKShield Membership provides a safety net in case anything unexpected happens.

Finally you (and your community) can enjoy the benefits of being early adopters without having to bear the brunt of the risk. Apply to become a CertiKShield Member today!

Learn more about CertiKShield here.



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