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3 min readNov 12, 2021


Are you interested in being part of our community and interacting with the growing tribe revolutionizing the world of web3 forever? If yes, then you can apply to become one of our Shentu chain Ambassadors.

The Shentu chain ambassador program presents the community a chance to learn from the core team, earn rewards in tokens, connect to a wide network of other Ambassadors and many more exclusive reward bounties available to all ambassadors.

The Shentu Chain Ambassador Program is seeking highly motivated and passionate individuals who are committed to helping build the future of Web3, and ensuring that the security of assets is of paramount importance in maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. Everyone and anyone is welcome to sign up for an opportunity to be at the forefront of advocating and promoting the safety of assets in the blockchain ecosystem. If you’ve got the desire to contribute then we have got something for you in this program, come join our amazing team in taking our ecosystem to the next level.

We are now openly recruiting passionate and talented individuals to join the Shentu chain as Ambassadors in our journey to becoming the Guardians of the blockchain!.

Application Criteria.

Below are some of the qualities we are seeking from our new ambassadors.

  • Motivated & Passionate crypto enthusiast
  • Leadership Skill
  • Good communication Skill
  • Social Media activity
  • Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Team Work

The required skills are not cast in stone. The ambassadorship is open to everyone who is interested in contributing to the ecosystem!


Due to regulatory concerns, persons and entities in sanctioned jurisdictions won’t be eligible for the Ambassador Program.

Ambassador Activities.

  • create blogs, How-to guides & tutorials.
  • translate document and content updates.
  • Educational video creation
  • Creating memes and promotional materials
  • Contribute to our weekly newsletter.
  • Help moderate Shentu public channels.
  • Engage ecosystem wide participants on the Shentu chain
  • Propose ideas and strategies to generate more engagement.
  • Host localized sponsored community events, webinars, and workshop
  • Attend events on behalf of the Shentu chain.

Ambassador Rewards

Shentu Ambassador privileges:

  • Certificate at the end of the program.
  • Grant & funding opportunity for top contributors.
  • Exclusive ambassador-only community, also special early access to Shentu events and the Shentu Chain team.
  • Personal Development & Mentorship opportunity.
  • Building your personal network and resume.
  • Cash prizes.

Application Process.

Everyone who is interested in enrolling for the Ambassador program will need to fill out the Ambassador on-boarding Application Form, provide us with valuable details and core areas you plan to help the team with. The team will do a thorough review on the applicants and approve them manually. If eligible, the team will reach out within 48 hours via email or social media accounts with the next steps and provide you official links to the Ambassador Telegram Chat.

Do you match our profile and are you excited to become one of our ambassadors? We’re now accepting applications. Apply here!

If you have any further questions about the Shentu chain Ambassador Program, please reach out to the team on Telegram. We will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to working with you in the future!

About the Shentu Chain.

The mission of the Shentu Chain is to empower people to trust in blockchain. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and techniques to prove trustworthiness in the underlying systems, the Shentu Chain aims to raise the standards of security and trustworthiness in the blockchain. The Shentu Chain has supported the development of a robust suite of technologies and tools to ensure that security and correctness are maintained throughout every phase of the blockchain lifecycle, from initial development to deployment.

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