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September Milestones from CertiK HQ

What a month! September was a jam-packed month for CertiK, our community, and the wider blockchain ecosystem.

We successfully completed the final stage before our Mainnet launch, the Shentu Games, in which participants were awarded for diving into the deep end and experiencing the wide range of features pertinent to the CertiK Chain.

Marking another milestone in our journey, CertiK Chain also became open source. All of this on top of 3 huge giveaways to express our gratitude for the continued support, feedback, and engagement from our community.

Looking forward, we have some exciting announcements in the works so stay tuned! We’ll be looking back on September progress updates across product development, business partnerships, and our much valued community.


CertiK Goes Open Source

In order to accelerate our goal of provable trust for all, we’ve taken a leaf out of Mr Nakamoto’s book and made CertiK Chain open source. After all, there’s no doubt there’s strength in numbers!

Developers and tech lovers alike, this one is for you. You can find the repositories for several components of the CertiK Chain ecosystem here:

DeepSEA Version 1.0 eWasm & Ants Release

We’re proud to share that Version 1.0 of the DeepSEA compiler is now available.

DeepSEA is a secure programming language and compiler toolchain developed by researchers from CertiK, Yale University, and Columbia University to allow secure smart contract development.

You can download examples of DeepSEA contract code over on our GitHub.

Got a DeepWallet? (of course you do), you can write up and deploy a smart contract in both DeepSEA and Solidity here.

Binance Smart Chain Integration

It’s true! Binance Smart Chain and CertiK have joined forces in order to empower secure transactions in DeFi. The integration will ensure the highest levels of security for transactions and smart contract interactions on the Binance Smart Chain. For a step-by-step integration guide, check out the Binance blog!

We’re also launching a special promo to give Binance Smart Chain projects 50% off our new, automated QuickScan until Thursday, October 15th!


ForTube x CertiK Foundation

DeFi lending platform, ForTube, plans to integrate the CertiK Security Oracle, providing real-time on-chain security scores to external smart contracts, mitigating risks for impending transactions.

This will give added reassurance to users of ForTube who can now be confident that the protocols they’re interacting with have been verified as secure in real time.

To celebrate the release of the CertiK Security Oracle, the TVL of ForTube passing $100m, and for our recent partnership, the team hosted a $1000 giveaway of FOR token. Congratulations to our 10 lucky winners!

KAVA x CertiK Foundation

Back in March of this year CertiK partnered with Kava to provide a comprehensive security audit for their Validator Vesting Module. Since then, we’ve continued to work closely with Kava to validate the security of their DeFi protocol.

In September, 10 lucky winners split $1000 in KAVA as a celebration of KAVA’s Gateway Testnet and a growth in the CertiK Community.


Incentivized Testnet Phase Complete

September marked the completion of the Shentu Incentivized Testnet. It’s with the utmost gratitude we thank each and every participant. We truly could not have achieved this alone.

All rewards are being distributed to the participants, please be patient as your rewards will arrive in due course.

Cosmostation x CertiK Foundation

Cosmostation, one of the first enterprise-level validator node operators, has partnered with CertiK Chain as a Validator Node & Mobile Wallet Partner. Additionally, Cosmostation have actively contributed to the Cosmos SDK ecosystem.

One of the most tangible benefits to the CertiK community will be the support for the CertiK Chain Mainnet on the Cosmostation mobile application for both Android and iOS. Provable trust for all in the palm of your hand, what more can we ask for?

Community Growth

Q3 was truly a quarter dedicated to development, and this is certainly the case throughout the CertiK Community. Since July, CertiK Foundation Twitter followers have increased by almost 2000%.

A strong, healthy, growing community is one of the cornerstones for any project, and we’re delighted to see that ours is stronger than ever. Communities are the lifeblood of projects like ours, and there’s no doubt that a healthy community can aid in attracting partnerships and widening the reach of the CertiK Foundation.

If you’d like to get involved and chat with the community and members of the team, you can jump into our Telegram channel here. Not a fan of Telegram? No problem. We maintain a lively presence in 280 character snippets over on Twitter.

Loading Q4

There has never been a buzz in the air quite like the one at CertiK HQ right now. With an incredible month behind us, the launch of the Mainnet looming, and an ever growing list of releases queuing up, this is perhaps the best time to get involved with CertiK and the CertiK Community.

With that in mind, we’d urge you not to hesitate. It’s not too early to jump in to the CertiK ecosystem and set up your DeepWallet which will allow you to send, stake, and store your crypto all atop the most security focused blockchain yet, CertiK Chain.

Mainnet, we’re ready for you.



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