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The CertiK November Roundup

With Thanksgiving now in the rearview mirror, and a month of festivities ahead, the CertiK Foundation certainly has a lot to look back on and be thankful for.

November has been a hectic month for all of us here at CertiK HQ, though we’re certainly not complaining! Our ambassador program has been given a new lease of life, DeFi giant Kava has joined CertiKShield, and we announced Quickscan, a new security tool to expedite smart contract security analysis.

On top of all that, we’re celebrating the highly anticipated release of CertiKShield, an innovative and novel solution to the industry-wide problem of lost and stolen crypto assets across any blockchain.

We’ve got plenty more to look back on this month, too. Read on to find out more about November at CertiK.

Redeem CTK with Shentu Games Points!

Participants in the Shentu Games, our incentivized Testnet, can now redeem their well-earned rewards for CTK!

With a ratio of up to 20:1, our testers can get a jumpstart on their CTK balance and start putting it to work to further strengthen the CertiK Chain through staking and the wider blockchain system as a whole by providing collateral to CertiKShield, should they wish!

Congratulations to all involved and, above all, thank you from everyone at CertiK.

The Launch of CertiKShield

$4,000,000,000 of crypto was stolen through hacks in 2019 alone.

Four. Billion. Dollars.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that CertiKShield, our solution to the aforementioned problem (and more).

CertikShield is a decentralized, membership-based plan to provide reimbursements for lost or stolen crypto assets on any blockchain network.

Any blockchain-based project can unlock the next level of security, and peace of mind, with a CertiKShield membership. Membership not only covers the project who has taken it out, but it also unlocks the potential for their community members, and token HODLers, to get involved.

Interested in securing your crypto assets against unforeseeable blockchain security risks? Join the like of Kava and check out our blog on the launch of CertiKShield

QuickScan — Expedite Smart Contract Security Analysis

Quickscan is a unique tool CertiK is leveraging to assess smart contract security and empower the reliability and credibility of Security Oracle insights.

In less time than it takes to cook your Thanksgiving dinner (40–60 minutes, to be precise), Quickscan can check deployed smart contracts against a wide range of known vulnerabilities at scale.

By utilizing a range of static and dynamic security primitives, Quickscan is able to work synergistically with our range of security products and services to enhance the security of blockchain, and the confidence in any particular protocol.

The CertiK Foundation Ambassador Program

Are you certifiably CertiK crazy? If you’re an enthusiast of our product, have a passion for security on the blockchain, or would simply like to get more involved with the CertiK Foundation and our community, then consider signing up for our Ambassador Program.

Our Ambassadors will unlock early access to contests, bounties, and events, along with free CertiK swag!

If you can see yourself repping CertiK on and offline as a much-valued ambassador then check out the details here.

We can’t wait to have you on board!

CTK Token Bridge

With so many walls being built around the world, we’re happy to announce the completion of the CTK token bridge which enables CTK holders to instantly, securely, and easily convert their native Mainnet CTK to BEP-20 CTK and vice versa, adding an additional layer of flexibility to the native fuel of the CertiK Chain.

You can get started using the token bridge on the Portfolio section of DeepWallet. You can check out our guide on Gitbooks to DeepWallet, including the token bridge, here.

If you prefer a more 1080p approach to your guides, then check out the links below:

Converting BEP-20 CTK to Mainnet CTK

Converting Mainnet CTK to BEP-20 CTK

CTK Futures on Binance

CTK investors are now provided with a leveraged instrument to take full advantage of market moves of both sides and optimize their portfolios.

Note: Leverage trading is extremely high risk.

Check it out on Binance here

Thank you

Finally, and most importantly, everyone here at CertiK HQ are most thankful for you.

Our community, our validators, our delegators, and everyone in between! Whether you’re an active community member on our Telegram or Discord channels, a reader of our Medium blogs (that’s you, by the way), or simply lurk on our social media checking out what we have to offer, thank you.

December is shaping up to be an equally eventful month for the CertiK Foundation and our community. We can’t wait to see you here, the same time next month, to look back on our achievements in December.

Thank you for your support, and Happy Holidays!

Thirsty for more CertiK? Come along and join the CertiK Foundation community over on Telegram.

If you prefer a more 280 character approach to your CertiK news then you can follow CertiK over on Twitter here, and the CertiK Foundation here.



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