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What Is Shentu?

Recently CertiK Chain has been renamed to Shentu Chain. This change has many users wondering what Shentu is or what it means. The network recently upgraded to its second version: Shentu-2.

This upgrade is more than just a name change; Shentu-2 introduces a whole suite of new features that make the security-focused blockchain faster and cheaper for users, and more efficient for node operators.

But who is Shentu?

Shentu (神荼) is one of the two Menshen or threshold guardians in Chinese folk mythology. Threshold guardians protect the occupants of buildings from evil spirits and bad omens, while encouraging the entrance of good ones. Shentu is believed to protect people from disasters, protect fortunes, and dispel evil influences.

Shentu and his brother Yulei are mentioned in The Journey to the West and The Classic of Mountains and Seas, two classics of Chinese mythology. Their likenesses are often painted on the entrances of temples and houses.

Shentu is a protector and a guardian, which makes it the perfect name for CertiK’s security-focused blockchain. Shentu Chain aims to be the “Guardian of the Blockchain”. With over $4B stolen in 2019, security is essential in crypto. The mission of the Shentu Chain is to empower people to trust in blockchain. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and techniques to prove trustworthiness in the underlying systems, the Shentu Chain aims to raise the standards of security and trustworthiness in the blockchain. The Shentu Chain has supported the development of a robust suite of technologies and tools to ensure that security and correctness are maintained throughout every phase of the blockchain lifecycle, from initial development to live usage.

ShentuShield and the Shentu Security Oracle are additional cross-platform tools in the CertiK security suite that help secure the whole decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Shentu was built by professionals with security in mind every step of the way. Join us in this journey to provide provable trust for all.




We leverage better technology to create a more trustworthy blockchain infrastructure.

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Shentu Foundation

Shentu Foundation

Guardian of the Blockchain

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