Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016, at the most AGILE city Shenzhen.

Asia’s largest Maker Faire is being held in Shenzhen, the center of the world’s hardware · China.

“Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016” which was scheduled from 21 to 23 October 2016 became an unprecedented Maker Faire that the schedule will be changed from 23 to 24 days before the actual day due to the height of hugest typhoon.

There are 100,000 participants and it seems like a dream to change the schedule of huge events to be held outdoors immediately.

It was at Maker Faire that made it a flag of “Agile”, Seeed and others because of people in Shenzhen.

Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016 gathered 100,000 visitors in two days, ending with a great success. Even though That county well known prone to pricing, statistical figures, the commemorative check-in using SNS at the entrance started from scratch and exceeded 10000. Most people seemed to be entering without checking in, so 100,000 visitors are nodding.

Asia’s largest Maker Faire where 100,000 people gather

Talk venues are always full. Microsoft, Indiegogo and other big companies as well as Maker of the world such as Nao Kondo TryBots’ from Japan talked.
More than 200 exhibitors and more than 100,000 people gathered on the ground and underground of the vast Sea World, Shekou.

Mega Typhoon hits Maker Faire Shenzhen.

The giant typhoon Haima that hit Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016, which was originally planned to be held from October 21 to 23, was the 21st of the first day of the landing, and “Signal 8” signifying the suspension of transportation and enterprise activity Was informed by the government. It is like official class closure of all Hong Kong and giant city Shenzhen of scale compared to Tokyo.

The Maker Faire is done mainly outdoors. Even in Shenzhen, a huge tent created with jacked up frames was lined outdoors. Since it is a large tent, it was decided to re-install on the 22nd when the typhoon passed after all the tents set up on the 20th were all lowered to the ground.

Venue just before typhoon. It was necessary to disassemble all of the huge tent and gates at the entrance, which we assembled with great effort all day.
In re-establishing 23rd, Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016 the first day.

Since the re-establishment, I finished the place which originally takes about 2 days in one day with the construction work. Still Maker Faire can only be held on the 23rd. The MFSZ steering committee extended Maker Faire, one day in a hurry under the decision of President Eric Pan, the main sponsor, and decided to change the schedule on both the 23rd and 24th.

Maker Faire in outdoor public space is suddenly extended for one day. Venue, equipment, guests, announcements, enormous in a moment — work to the extent of puncturing — occur. There was “Maker Faire’s original task (Indoor lecture did not change so much)” “Tasks to be changed (if the guest is not attached by airplane, it is necessary to change the schedule of the schedule)” and “ Resetting to set up again “adjustment also enters. Work volume is tripled and quadrupled.

From around the 20th day before the event, adjustment of insomnia and sleep was started literally by the management team of Chaihuo Maker Space and Seeed’s management team literally.

Photos taken by MFSZ Steering Committee on Facebook. (Photo: Monica Shen)

A concrete example, for example, my schedule is like this.

AM 5: 30 It is determined that the aircraft’s official flight decision is 4 hours before the flight. Flight decisions for guests departing Japan for AM 9:30 are AM 5:30, confirming this and contacting Japanese exhibitors they arrange. (Eventually departed Japan from PM 10: 30)
AM 9: 00 Start business Starting various companies. Do you rent equipment? PM 10: 30 to leave Tokyo and arrive in Hong Kong around 2:00 (probably, it may also be delayed) how people arrive at the hotel in Shenzhen, investigates the transportation that is moving now, plan I will contact and let them know where I will pick you up. In addition, it examines what it seems to be like when it is affected, for example, what is rental of the equipment, when it is confirmed, when it is affecting the scheduled work, lists it and checks with the manager.
Final judgment on whether the flight of PM 6: 30 PM 10: 30 will fly or not.
PM 10: 30 Confirm the flight of the guest will be flying by contact from Japan.
AM 2: 30 I heard that the guest arrived in Hong Kong. I confirmed that we will pick you up at the border, but due to the relationship between the baggage and the number of taxi riders, we will inform the hotel to wait.
AM 3: 10 Confirm crossing the border.
AM 4: 00 I’m at The hotel, welcomes you and check-in support. After that, the flight confirmation of the next day AM 5: 30 will be confirmed.

On the 22nd is the setting day, at 10am AM going to the venue and check the status of the setting.

I feel like this, it will last from the 21st to the 24th. Because I saw only the plan of the Japanese group, I think that the workload was small as a whole. I’m not able to imagine how hard it was in the headquarters that saw the whole venue.

Overseas Maker extends Shenzhen’s Maker`s culture

Maker Faire Shenzhen invites overseas exhibitors. Many are also invited from Japan.
We expects “to expand the world of Make more, not in Shenzhen”.

This years invitation Maker, MakeFasion (Canada), Sandwriter Robot, (Netherlands), Big Face(Daily Portal Z, Japan),3D planetarium(Japan), Robot Band(Japan) , AkiParty(Japan). It was surrounded by a lot of people, and it was dealt with in local coverage as well, so it can be said that the committee has succeeded.

SandWriter Gijs van Bon (Photo: Asei Ito)
Big Face (Photo:Anby Wen)
AkiParty, Dance party by the Geeks, of the Geeks, For the Geeks (Photo:Anby Wen)

The capital of Makers

Shenzhen people operated Maker Faire as enthusiasm and their own pleasure.
There were many chaos and pleasure there. We shared “Like Maker Faire being made”.

I think Shenzhen is the capital of Makers. However, I do not agree with the opinion that “Shenzhen has things”.
Shenzhen has People. Shenzhen has them and gathers those who love Making the most from all over the world. Of course, culture and business way, all of the city is for MAKERS.

That is why I think that it is the capital of Makers.