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Letter sent on Jan 29, 2016

A brand new year, a beautiful start

We said that 2015 was a hard year for us as it was to all Turkish companies - yet a successful one for us, and we were ultra-ready for 2016. It started that way and we shared a number of good news in the last days, one after another.

We’ve started Letters From SHERPA; in order to compile all these news and share them with you frequently enough that we think we won’t get you bored.

Let’s take a look over what we did in the last days of 2015 as well in the first weeks of 2016, as we cross our fingers for upcoming news.

A brand new service: UXAAR

In July 2015, we’ve announced that we’ve added UX Analytics to our services. In the meantime, we kept up the good work and now, we would like to announce a new service, to be the backbone of our UX Analytics services. Please welcome UXAAR, our UX Analytics Audit Report service.

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We are Optimizely’s first Turkish UX design solution partner!

We are proud of taking our UX Analytics, UX Optimization and UX Design services to a new level with the power of Optimizely, world’s #1 website optimization platform. SHERPA is now Optimizely’s first Turkish UX design studio solution partner.

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BEKO trusts SHERPA for POS experience!

After optimizing Arçelik, Beko and Grundig Smart TVs, we’re now ready to improve the experience of Beko POS devices with a modern approach.

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KolayOto made better!

We improved the conversion rates of KolayOto by 30%!

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A brand new Radore.com experience

How did we fuse all Radore websites into a single entity?

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Inspired by nature, created for Beko

Our Beko Dishwasher Microsite design won an AWWWARD!

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We discovered the limits of accessibility with Wellabled

We designed a new website for Wellabled, a wheelchair accessible yacht project.

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Designing The Insurance Business 2.0

How did we increase the conversion rates of Koalay.com by %55?

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