n11.com chose SHERPA as the solutions partner for UX optimization

n11.com, the reliable shopping platform that brings thousands of brands and products together on a reliable shopping platform; following a user experience focused strategy, chose SHERPA as the solutions partner for UX optimization.

The leading e-commerce platform shaping the e-commerce sector by hosting about 40 thousand shops serving around 30 million products and with many innovative services n11.com correspondingly to the user experience focused strategy to achieve a higher customer satisfaction, became solutions partners with SHERPA for UX optimization. In this partnership for designing a unique online shopping experience; SHERPA started working with n11.com on the data and analytics oriented UX optimization process.

A superior shopping experience

SHERPA, the digital studio that designs interfaces for ideal human device interaction with a user experience focused understanding, joined their expertise on designing unique user and customer experiences, with e-commerce expertise of n11.com. n11.com keeps on working innovatively about ‘reliability’ and ‘convenience’ for customers, also about ‘support’ and ‘care’ for store owners with a vision of leadership in Turkey and the region.

About n11.com

n11.com is a business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce platform which was set up in June 2012 and opened up for business in April 2013. By presenting ‘reliability’ and ‘convenience’ for customers, ‘support’ and ‘care’ for store owners, n11.com is leading to shape Turkey’s e-commerce sector with innovative services. n11.com runs research and development operations on improving the sector and changing the perception of the consumers on e-commerce in Teknokent, located within Istanbul Technical University. After finishing the year 2015 with 38.500 registered stores, 27 million registered products, 6 million members and a total of 400 million visits, n11.com keeps on working with a vision of leadership in Turkey and the region.