A brand new perspective on car rental

We designed an innovative and functional service experience for MOOV by Garenta.

It’s no longer a dream to rent and start driving the car you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want. Garenta is the company established with the experience and assurance of Anadolu Group to provide world-class service; which has an innovative vision and specializes in short-term car rentals. Garenta’s brand new product MOOV by Garenta allows users within the specified zones, to rent the car they wanted, whenever they wanted for any duration they wanted:

When requested by the smartphone application, the valet delivers the requested vehicle to the specified location; the driver leaves the vehicle to any location they wanted after use and only pays for the usage duration.

These processes can operate effectively, thanks to the cars equipped with telematics technology — which is becoming increasingly widespread all over the world — enabling the acquisition and transfer of the live vehicle data to the services. At the end of the MOOV by Garenta product development process, which we have been involved since the concept phase by the invitation of Vektör Telekom and worked meticulously; we have succeeded in designing an innovative application that provides users with a smooth and smart instant car rental experience.

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