AstroBuddy Case Study

Logo Design of The Company

We helped Nyassa Astrocorp to transform from a voice based astrology consulting business which had over 20 Million customers to a web and mobile first business. We created a 1 to 1 chat based astrology service derived from your birth chart or Kundli.

We focused on ease of use of the product for both the company and the customer. The website has minimal and classy look to it with host of features spanning complex astrology charts to sophisticated reporting systems.

Mockup of The Logo

Branding & Design Approach

The logo has a circle element which shows that AstroBuddy is a universal solution to all the astrology needs and two open ends which show that the company is open to new ideologies and that they follow modern astrology principles.The circles are the rings of planets which encapsulate the soul of astrology finding as the sun is the center of the astrology zodiacs and is the center of everything. It also depicts nucleus of an atom which shows that their approach and principles followed are scientific.

Product Development Cycle

AstroBuddy’s project was developed in a period of three months. Sherry Technologies believe in Agile methodologies for software development and the client was kept involved in the development process throughout.

The focus was on ensuring that the clients needs are fully satisfied and best results are delivered in the most effective and efficient ways.

Homepage of the Website

A look at the features

Front end Design: The entire design prototyped on Invision and developed on leading front-end technologies.

Admin Portal:Developed the portal for entire backend management of services, customers and astrologers.

Astrologer Portal:The portal for astrologers to receive and manage orders for execution.

Service Integration: Services include Calling, Questions and 6 different Astrological Reports.

Logos and Icons:The logo and icons that bring the aesthetic feel to the web design.

Horoscope Portal: Horoscope management on the platform capable of uploads for up to a month.

Authentication based B2B all-service API: Providing all services through APIs for easy integration on partner platforms.

Chart APIs : The platform uses AstrologyAPI’s API package to provide multiple charts based on your birth information with multiple levels.

Detailed Dashas using AstrologyAPI
Planetary Information

Robust Management System

The backend of AstroBuddy has been built with ease-of-use at its core whether one is a seasoned developer or just starting out, we made sure that their office staff could make changes to the website as quickly and easily as possible.

The backend and front end was built on HTML 5, Django and PHP all of which is hosted on a secure AWS Infrastructure.

Client Testimonial