EMDA Case Study (AI + NLP)

EMDA is a cloud-based platform that is solving complex problems in public safety incorporating tools not being utilized in the market today that will give dispatchers, first responders/security elements and civilians the power to predict threats before they occur.


Its a solution being built on 3 tiers- an app for dispatch/command elements that allows for streamlined management of emergencies and routine operations, an app for 1st response and security elements that allows for efficient dispatch and total situational awareness, as well as a civilian app that allows citizens to avoid high threat areas as well as report emergencies if and when they happen.

We built cloud based application and the heat mapping systems which use Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to analyze historical criminal data and real time happenings by recognized News Agencies like the BBC etc. The system automatically analyses news and marks them on the maps and generates heat maps accordingly.

Automatic Crime Detection & Heat Mapping

Product Development Cycle

EMDA’s project was developed in a period of three months. Sherry Technologies believe in Agile methodologies for software development and the client was kept involved in the development process throughout.

The focus was on ensuring that the clients needs are fully satisfied and best results are delivered in the most effective and efficient ways.

Client Testimonial